Would you have a problem with your country’s leader speaking to your children?

  • Jack Wells - 11 years ago

    When are the people of the U.S going to wake up!! Our children are the future of our country and, believe it or not, they are pretty darn smart. Let them write to him cause they just might have a lot of great ideas.

  • Robin - 11 years ago

    I really think it is only about the Republicans making an issue out of nothing; only looking to criticize, instead of applauding him for anything good he does. His words were positive for the children of the parents of any party.

  • Carrie - 11 years ago

    This is absurd, if he was white I do not think we'd even be having debating this. I remember growing up as a child and many time watching our president speak on many issues threw a tv in our classroom. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

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