Do you prefer Group B or Can Am cars?

  • Lloyd Johnson - 12 years ago

    Can Am FTW. 1000-1200hp race cars with F1 drivers 40 years ago! When I was a kid I didn't know what my toy 917's, McLaren's, and Shadows sounded like IRL but they sure looked the business.

    Group B was amazing but died before its prime. Had it continued for a few more seasons (allowing the gto and 959 to compete) it would have been legendary. As it is now, it only spawned a handful of crazy cars and killed a few people.

  • Lornie Haugen - 12 years ago

    NOthing better than Can Am cars coming down to turn five at Road America, or up the main straight, what a awesome sight! It is too bad people under 55 have no idea what the Can Am really was

  • Rally43 - 12 years ago

    This is exactly the reason we started a new north american Group B Rally Club. Its for persons who own either a STREET Group B Era car ( Mainly due to the fact there are very very few actual Group B Rally cars state side ) or a full blown Group B Rally car.. If you or someone you know has a street Group B Era car, just go to our webste for more info and send in a membership application.. Our first display will be at the Lake Superior Pro Rally in Houghton on October 16th & 17th if we can garner enough cars to display.. Please spread the word..

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