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Total Votes: 3,589

  • KKK - 12 years ago

    YEAH What a competition!! i like this..

  • heather - 12 years ago

    yes, hasan - dont lose sight of michael's message -- "the world must come together as one ..."

  • abracadabra - 12 years ago

    take it easy hasan... this is not about palestinians and jews. don't make others part of your political agenda without their consent! who is we anyway you a..hole...

  • Hasan - 12 years ago

    good 4 u ayse

    every1 in turkey is celebratry!!

    also in palestine, spirit of mj & childrenl die will dance tonight 4 ur victory

  • mmm - 12 years ago

    ayse ayse

  • holythanthou - 12 years ago

    open your eyes justiceeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Justiceee - 12 years ago

    This is the justice, everyone voted for ayse because FUN has manipuleted the competition.

  • justice - 12 years ago

    you must give an extra time for the voting deadline,if you don t want to win a gold medal for putting such an unfair competition as the competition cometee. MJ is goıng to curse you.

  • Hasan - 12 years ago


  • Hasan - 12 years ago

    everyone in turkey please vote 4 ayse

    we can not give mj prize to the jew

  • Tayfun - 12 years ago

    I vote for Ayse becos she is sweet and kinful. she is like sol of michael jakson in new body. Ayse to win!

  • Hamid Karzai - 12 years ago

    If he's paying people to vote for him (it's what I'd do), he's very stupid because the prize itself is worth only $25.

    My guess is that he's using Derren Brown or Uri Geller to increase his votes through Mind Control.

  • prince - 12 years ago

    bad smells come into my nose... a person with 14 votes... have 1000 votes a monument..

  • Jesus - 12 years ago

    Well, he has been begging people on his site for votes since Friday (

    Sneaky little fucker, isn't he?

    I guess you could consider this as a form of manupulation.

  • KUG - 12 years ago

    Who can make 500 votes in one hour??? i don't belive you Fun is manupulating.

  • m k e - 12 years ago

    congrats e=mj2 you are the winner whatever the result ıs.

  • ben - 12 years ago


  • Hamid Karzai - 12 years ago

    I can't help but notice that Jack (good, strong Anglo-Saxon name) writes in the broken English of a Turkish girl.

    I am glad to see that my pollster tactics are being employed in a virtual capacity too.

  • Cuffe - 12 years ago

    Like the best art 'Fun?' works on so many levels- satire, political and social comment and just plain silly. The outstanding piece here with no disrespect to the other contenders.

  • Jack - 12 years ago

    Oh.. Man
    The one who made this Project should be most beautiful powerful girl on the earth .. only she can do thiss..
    i am 30 years old designer i couldn't see a project like this pure and creative focused..

    This Should wins

  • Kadir ug - 12 years ago

    i think E=MJ2 is the most beautiful one, i hope it wins..

  • smelly tam - 12 years ago

    FUN stinks. in the best way possible. YEAH FUN!!!!

  • blissful chick - 12 years ago

    i am so in love with FUN that i can't sleep at night. my god, i hope FUN wins so fucking bad!!!

  • Belisario A. Barchi - 12 years ago

    Funny that you resorted to using a public vote that makes sense rather than a numbering system that was completely flawed.

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