Did the CPK server, @Traphik, deserve to get fired for his tweets?

  • Rico - 8 years ago

    Seems like a missed opportunity for corporate to communicate with its employees about "employee satisfaction"

  • Charley - 12 years ago

    The problem is not his discontent, but the way he vocalized it. IF you cussed at your boss or the owner of a company, you might expect to be fired. I used to work at CPK many years ago, and I absolutely HATE the company. I personally believe they do not manage employees well. Now I work a 9-5 job, and while I may be able to swear at my employer in fun, I could never do it out of anger or discontent and I am friends with my bosses. He obviously never establishedt he kind of relationship allowing him to talk that way with his employer and them feel comfortable with it. It was inappropriate behavior and my guess is that it probably wasn't his first offence.

  • @bsmntbootlegger - 12 years ago

    While not the most appropriate outlet - CPK has a twitter account and he certainly wasn't trying to hide it. To me this says that CPK needs to do a better job of creating inroads for employee communication and opinion. Right or wrong - the fact is that in order to make the kids working for them today a satisfied bunch (and therefore interested in making customers happy) employees need to be able to express an opinion and feel as though the company cares. In this instance CPK may have conveyed a message implying that they don't care what employees think.

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