Mister International Philippines 2009 Poll (2nd Batch): Choose your bets! (Poll Closed)


  • jAROLD guinA ''uSER'' - 10 years ago


    yah ryt, its not thru dat he's working as a call center agent, and its not also thru that he's a varsity player,(just trying to be one).. He's a dean's lister?..oh c'mon..when is this?..i can't believe all this info's about this guy.. Do you really need to do all of this lie's just to make your bet popular and get more votes?... Let's just be true to ourselves, coz we both know ( whoever betting is) who is JarOLd GuinA, Just a quick info about him ( this is thru guys- it's not a lie-), he is a fucking user.. He doesn't have the guts to win this contest, d nerve of him joining this kind of prestigious competition, wherein whenever he's joining pageants (bariotic pageants) he got nothing because of his low IQ,...sori 4 being so mean, but i'm just telling the truth, coz i can't just seat here and relax and let you fool a lot of people...2 jArold Guina, choose another craft that will suit you..gudluck..

  • astrid - 10 years ago

    ndi totoo na call center agent si jarold guina. kilala ko siya eh. my website pa dito na conergys daw sha at varsity player. asa. feu student sha. ndi rin sha deans lister. ao ng baklang yon pota.

  • astrid - 10 years ago


  • spoiled - 11 years ago

    pls vote abdul wallace.. our very own boholano.. gooo!!

  • gay - 11 years ago

    hoy sayo bruha ka na concerned kuno kilala kita no hoy walang ganyanan kay rafael kahit naman tayo gay nirerespeto naman tayo ni rafael bakit mo siya sinisiraan porke ba di ka nya pinatulan!ikaw na nga nagsabi na respectful si rafael tapos ganyan ka pala pag nakatalikod,traydor kilala kita at sasabihin ko kay rafael ang ginawa mo concernrd kuno gaga...wag ka na magtago at kilala kita hay kasi patay na patay ka pa rin kay rafael hanggang ngayon

  • concerned - 11 years ago

    rafael felix tolentino III is gay!!!!!!!!!! His gay since childhood but I love him though... quite respectful in a way. hehehehee

  • JAROLD GUINA SUCKS - 11 years ago

    mag dadaya kayo. pero panget naman dadalhin nyo. kung sisirain nyo lang yung contest na to umalis nalang kayo. jarold?!?!?!?! is that the kind of guy you want to represent the philippines kahihiya walang kaitsitsura!

  • betting - 11 years ago

    hello every one wla pong dayaan na nangyayari, all votes for JAROLD GUINA are true and no falsification. We do a lot of campaign by the internet, word of mouth even thru print so that jarold will get high vote. Im working in an online advertising company its easy for me to make a compaign for my bet JAROLD GUINA , he has an online advertising cuz we just wanted to make sure that he will get more votes.I also requested my colleague to vote jarold guina even jarold he asked his friend and colleague, cuz he work in a call center, to vote him. Thats how we support our bet, were willing to spend time to vote him and even spending money for his campaign. kaya lahat po ng vote ni jarold guina ay totoo, ....

  • akihiro lover - 11 years ago

    vote julian he looks so much like akihiro. i love him!!!!!!!!

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