Do you think DDO Unlimited Free to Play is a good value?


  • Daniel H. Bogert - 7 years ago

    Just started playing again after years. didnt play much back then either. Neverwinter is soo much better, but my friend put so much into his character in ddo that he wont even try neverwinter. i wanna play with my friend so i told him id try ddo again. hes playing on another server now so i click on the transfer button and it tells me i only have like half the points i need to transfer my character. I dont even remember there being ddo point nor do i know how i acquired them or how to get more. I flat out refuse to spend money to transfer to another server and having to unlock things in game to do so is also ridiculous. I dont spend money on mmo subscriptions but i DO and HAVE spent money on ddo in the past for permanant unlocks. i realize all the time, money, and work spent making the game and i have no problem paying for extra stuff, unlocks, bonus races, etc. but free to play should mean free to play...with your friends online. it is ludicrous to charge or make you play the game for extended periods of time alone or with only toons on one server, just so you can interact with players on another server. i cant even get in game or website help because even though i spend money on this game, i apparently havent spent enough to play with my friend online. i can play with random strangers, but not my friend... oh, unless i start a new character all over again. charge players for stuff worth charging for. not bullshit like character transfers, you greedy pieces of shit.

  • Reuben - 10 years ago

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  • Frosty - 11 years ago

    Really, how can you go wrong, you can get hours of entertainment for free. no adds, lots of ofther people to hang out with. Spend a few real bucks and you can get a few more hours out of it, removing some of the limitations...

  • kenny - 12 years ago

    they need to put chat to unlimeted
    and mail
    and gold storage

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