Do you agree with the U.S.'s decision to scrap the missile defense shield?

  • ranga reddy - 11 years ago

    its excellent decision by president Obama, USA is greatest country in all aspects, however the previous administration brings more enemies, its time now to bring peace; now cancellation of missile defence shield in europe(poland, czech) is one of best example to bring peace and keep USA ever greatest.

  • Arek - 11 years ago

    Dear Olatunde in Istanbul.
    USA is not the threat to world's peace. It's countries like Russia or Iran. Russia proved that by invading Georgia last year. USA needs to cooperate with Russia but does Russia want that? The US were hoping that if they scrap the shield program Russia will help with the Iran situation. Russians however decided not to support sanctions against Iran and in fact they sell weapons there.

  • Kelvin - 11 years ago

    Obama is playing try and error with US security. He continues to show his naiveness when it comes to security. Such acts only strenghtens the bone of the enemy

  • Ola - 11 years ago

    U.S.A., need the co-operation of Russian to win the Afganistain War, Past Administration of President Bush created more than Enough Enemy for The United State of America, and this is the time to Restore Confident on those Countries that Bush try to see as Enemy, Which Rusian is one of those countries. Puting Missile Defence Shield in Poland and Czech will be the beginning of another Arm Race between America and Rusia, World need Peace, not War, and if there is no Trust within Nations, there will be no Peace in the World.

    War in Iraq is still there as an evidence, is because there is not Trust within President Bush and Saddam, that is why Iraq is still Burning Till Now.

    Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Francisco Porturas - 11 years ago

    Excellent and laudable decision from President Obama.
    This decision will surely minimize the global tension generated by the previous american regime.

    We in Ecuador, applaud this magnifecent manifesto.

    Kind regards,

    Francisco Porturas

  • Mutupa - 11 years ago

    Why is Europe security so important than people who are losing their lives in Africa. I agree with the US's decision and hope Africa will be one day at the table of US military cooperation.

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