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Posted 9 years.


  • In fact no matter if someone doesn't know afterward its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it happens.

  • KingWormo - 7 years ago

    i live in a veg eatin family but i keep asking for stake. Ok, mashed potatoes is ok, but how to tolerate stuff like this for 3 nights in a row?! help me... :/

  • Parodox - 7 years ago

    i am a hybreed but not a vampire hahaha i am a demon and i need information on things of vampires so this site has shown me nothing on the info i need

  • Sadie-Bane - 8 years ago

    I just love how every one claims to be a hybrid vampire. I find that most are one or the other but they want to be more powerful then they really are. Stop kidding yourselves people. Not everyone is as powerful as they think they are. I'm am just a simple Psy vampire and i will never claim to be anything more then i really am. This is what i found out from looking at this little pole. Really people don't let you're ego get to you.

  • Ciara - 8 years ago

    ...Mortal food? Really dude? I'm a hybrid who eats an average amount of everything. I simply love food.

  • jake - 8 years ago

    im a top rank vampire, a hybrid vampire , a vampire lord if you will , i need both energy and blood , i can eat mortal food ,but, it dont stay in my system for long !!!!

  • Snake - 8 years ago

    ive quite an amazing appeitite,i love eating meat,...i really do,as for vegatbles.i have my moments,i love fruit and i liekgrain too insome ways.Im what people call a hybrid vampire :D

  • gan - 8 years ago

    ,i drain prana..eats anything i like, but i hate garlic, and ampalaya.."i think i'm a poser" haharrgg..

  • jake - 8 years ago

    im a high rank vampire i eat lots of meat than vegs , but i can eat both , but i need fresh blood i feed on energy inside the blood , which means i need both

  • Wes - 8 years ago

    I eat mostly meats and fruits, I still eat grains and vegetables, but in a much lower amount.

    I'm a hybrid.

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