Should Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Answer "Robsten" Questions?

  • anonymous LOL - 11 years ago

    Yes answer it! Come on Rob, grow some balls! Hey Kris stop being a bitch!

  • les - 11 years ago

    Please just answer the question because the media WILL move on to another story... That Robsten are now breaking up! LOL.

  • jerayam - 11 years ago

    Just answer the questions!! We'd give you some more privacy! People are more interested because it is such a mystery.

  • gertrude - 11 years ago

    It is no one's business who is dating whom. Get a real life.

  • mamamary - 11 years ago

    I don't think telling one way or the other will help them out pappz-wise. Rob has said before that he was dating that girl in London when HP came out and the pappz wanted to know where she was, what they were doing, etc, all the time and it was very difficult. That may have caused their breakup, not sure. Either answer they give, the gossip rags will still hound them, speculating, causing trouble. So, I say, don't tell. They are entertainers, yes, but when they step off the stage, they have a right to a private life just like we do outside of our work.

  • ash - 11 years ago

    I think people vote yes, but only if they expect the answer to be that they're together. If they're not really together and say so, would people really believe them? So I voted no. I don't think it matters if they answer or not, if its not the answer people want, they won't believe it anyway.

    I have a theory about their relationship.... I don't think they're really together. At times it seems like they're together, but you know how they're both "method" actors and really get into their characters... I think as the twilight series gets further and further into filming, they as actors get closer too. Its what makes their chemistry so good on screen. Right now they're filming characters who are in love and engaged to be married... I think once filming stops, you'll see a totally different relationship. Just a thought... of course, it could just be my wishful thinking... I don't really want the two of them together. While i do like kristen, I just don't like them together. Find him someone else. Someone not so dramatic all the time.

  • Katy - 11 years ago

    I say yes, but ONLY you know how much more privacy they would get?! Every paparazzi wants to be the person that catches them together, because it's such a big secret! They are under the lens all the time, because it's suppose to be a secret. And those pictures pay the big money. But when it is finally exposed, by no one other than themselves, it won't be such a big story anymore. Other than that, it is no one's business.

  • skorpia - 11 years ago


  • YAPRAK - 11 years ago

    YES all the way, just answer the damn question.

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