Who would win in a fight: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? (Poll Closed)

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  • Mahdi - 11 years ago

    The best web browser in the WORLD is FIREFOX.

  • handbags - 11 years ago

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  • Mr Nanapoo - 11 years ago

    Neither would win in a fight because they are unable to fight.

    I win.

    WTS SSoY at T2 PST

  • fgsdgfd - 12 years ago

    who knows a fast web browser

  • firefox fan - 12 years ago

    Remember what the Web was like in 2004? Thanks for changing that, Firefox!

  • Vince - 12 years ago

    Firefox win ! It has a lot of very interesting plugin

  • Marcelo A G de Miranda - 12 years ago

    When we will have chrome to linux?

  • Nate - 12 years ago

    Firefox. I can't stand how slow it is (it's not just "kind of slow", it's disgustingly slow; not to mention that Firebug is now buggy as hell in ff 3.5). Chrome kicks ass when it comes to speed, but it's just not good enough to use for day-to-day browsing (no addons, no advanced settings, no nothing).

    Sorry, but Chrome is just not useful yet - either as a developer or as a user.

  • Mr On Line - 12 years ago

    I think i'll go with none ..
    Since Opera is the best browser ever !

    Good Luck !

  • Jimmy - 12 years ago

    i DO LOve Chrome but sometimes having a hard time using some of the website. For example when i want to comment at youtube or facebook when i click sent it like never sent in or something

  • Kathy - 12 years ago

    I love Firefox, because it is so customizable in many ways. It's secure, safe, and a robust browser.

    I've tried Chrome, but got VERY frustrated because it literally put its footprint on EVERYTHING related to internet, interfering with work I was doing on the web as well as on my computer! I tried it twice, but because of the interference it caused, I have uninstalled it permanently.

  • Raymond - 12 years ago

    I am a Linux user, but not disappointed that Chrome does not support Linux yet. How many browsers do you need? But then again I am also not a 'heavy duty' web user.
    But I do have a Windows XP PC which I have the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Prefer FF, not because of the extensions (only have one - flashblock) and not because of the speed (Chrome does appear a little faster) but because Chrome appears to be too tied into Google functionality.
    The other reason I use FF is that I also use OpenDNS and unless something has changed recently OpenDNS has not found a way to get their shortcuts working with Chrome.

  • Jim Lochner - 12 years ago

    I use both Chrome and Firefox. Chrome for nearly everything except email. The add-ons for email in Firefox (particularly Wisestamp) are why I use that browser. FF for me is far too slow. I don't have that many add-ons (less than 10) and it takes a good 30 seconds or more for the browser to even load the first time...and this is on a brand new HP laptop. Chrome's speed is the best. It's not as fancy but I'm far too impatient to wait. If FF ever got their speed going or Chrome got some add-ons, I'd switch to just one browser. As it is, I have to deal with two.

  • Rokurosv - 12 years ago

    I think Chrome would win, if only they could release a Mac version sooner

  • Chris Pratt - 12 years ago

    There's a lot about Google Chrome that appeals to me, but I depend far too heavily on various Firefox extensions to ever dump Firefox in favor of Chrome unless Chrome were to get extension ability and of course all my favorites.

    Another big hit against Chrome is it's *pitiful* lack of a Mac binary. Chrome 3 just hit on Windows and both Mac and Linux users have yet to even see a beta. I believe Google bet the farm on pulling away users from IE, and put all their development effort into the Windows binary as a result. The problem is that Chrome faces the same problem that Firefox and Opera already face on Windows. Most Windows users neither know about nor care to install an alternate browser. Firefox has done as well as it has due in large part to that class of tech-savvy folks with ignorant friends and relatives who constantly call on them for support. Many times we make-shift tech support reps force Firefox, sometimes painfully, down peoples throats, installing it on their computers and saying "Here. Use this."

    Since Chrome has neglected the tech-savvy, who by and large, are on Mac or Linux boxes, there has not been that same push to add to its user base. It's done well, relatively, but not nearly as well as it could.

  • Sjikob - 12 years ago

    Personally the only thing that's missing for me is a mechanism in Chrome similar to Ad Block / Ad Block Plus in Firefox, so I voted for the latter. Once such a feature makes it to Chrome I may well switch for a lot of my browsing.

    I've looked at the Open Source fork of Chrome named Iron, which can perform ad blocking through a simple list of URL's placed in the application directory. Unfortunately, aside from the fact that the ad blocking feature doesn't work in the Linux version of Iron, I really need a way to add images to my block list through the browser interface (e.g. a context menu option on the image as provided by Ad Block Plus).

  • Petr - 12 years ago

    In my opinion you can't compare them that way. For day-to-day use (for me) they have completely different uses.

    FF is the sledge-hammer. I use that for administering websites, uploading to online storage (fireFTP & fire uploader), polishing code (firebug), etc. For me it is the Swiss Army knife, which can do a lot of things and gets you out of trouble when you need it...

    At the same time you wouldn't use your Swiss army knife in the kitchen for preparing your daily meal.

    Therefore, I use Chrome (dev channel) for speed and general user friendliness. No bloatware (extensions) to slow down performance or launching. Which for me is the perfect Chef's knife.... One purpose, dedicated tool!

  • Deathgleaner - 12 years ago

    As of now Firefox is winning. Is that cuz there's more Firefox users?

  • normsy - 12 years ago

    I am really disappointed by the unavailability of GOOGLE Toolbar on GOOGLE Chrome. That would have swung it for me; however, I'll stick to Firefox for now.

  • Shehzad - 12 years ago

    Stupid Quiz this is :@ One can poll multiple times... So its not fair and not a proper way for polling

  • Taco Sorgdrager - 12 years ago

    Ok, the obvious Firefox plus over Chrome are the extensions. Chrome is stable and fast, but FF is also. Besides that: Since DSL internet connections I totally stopped thinking about the speed of a browser as an argument for better surfing. But hey: I'm no online gamer or streaming video watcher.

    Next: Chrome has privacy issues, like all Google products. FF has high privacy and safety standards.

    Most important: FF is not only a browser, it's a community, strongly rooted in the Open Source mentality, with a fairly honest air of equality.
    Whereas Chrome (in my opinion) was launched merely to break in into the browser market and give Google yet another platform to monitor and monetize internet usage. Don't get me wrong though: I've nothing against Google nor Chrome. Chrome is a very nice browser, intuitive, well designed, great to use, and Google only does what it's good at. Can't blame them for that, can I.

    Still, my choice is Firefox, because the boys and girls at Mozilla are the real renewers. Chrome, besides NOT overlooking IE strongpoints, leans heavily on what the Firefox developers have achieved. In a way, it's similar to Microsoft's peeking on and imitating of Netscape Navigator back in the nineties. We know the routine: Let others do the work, integrate their novelties in your own product, or even give them an extra usability twist so as to outchallenge the original innovation. Chrome has only partly given in to this Microsoft mentality. For the other part Chrome just follows it's own ideas, and they are good, but in the end don't convince me to leave Firefox.

  • Jer O'Connor - 12 years ago

    I use Firefox 3.5, Chrome 3.0, and Opera 10 everyday, side-by-side, and find that Opera is actually the best in my experience. However, this cage match is about Firefox vs Chrome, and between those two, Chrome has proved to be more stable, faster, and all around better than the most recent Firefox edition. If we were talking about the last versions of each, the roles would be reversed, but I have had nothing but trouble from Ff 3.5 since upgrading. Extensions or not, I need something that works reliably and fast.

  • Sean - 12 years ago

    I use both on a daily basis. Chrome is definitely faster, but the fact that there were extensions gave Firefox the edge. However, the developer version of Chrome has extensions and improved ones at that. Chrome would definitely win, it's been getting better all the time. Firefox is solild though...

  • Dawood Ali - 12 years ago

    although m a fan of MS but i will prefer chrome since its DOM is very resembling to IE and and in accordance to W3C but Firefox is just a mess for making trouble specially to the developers and designers..

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