How’s the NFL app working for you?

  • hshendon - 12 years ago

    Honestly, since DirecTV put out their supercast app, I have almost ZERO need to use the NFL app. I could use the NFL app to get updates, but I have the site bookemarked and go there directly instead. So, the result is a VERY low usage of the NFL app.

    Video on the NFL app has almost always been borked for me.

  • Derrick Hampton - 12 years ago

    The app is awsome. As for the video quality Its a phone not a flat screen TV you people. I happy to be able to leave the house & watch a game on my phone that is just amazing. This is the first phone to do this so it will get better video quality. How can you complain about the quality as long as uvcan see the game. We are nolonger tied to our TV to see the game. This the real NFL mobile. If this app was on the iphone everybody would say that they love it. We are the first to have this & no matter what they say the iphone people are jelous over this app. They can have a million apps but you know that they want this one. Cmon live NFL games. Don't get caught up in thee apss that they have look at what the pre does that the iphone doesn't. Running multiple live apps @ a time alone is enough. They have more apps you have a better phone.the apps are on the way but even now the pre is a better phone. Know that.

  • Brian - 12 years ago

    The video is terrible. I would really like to be able to watch the clips but most of them start out very artifacty as they try to get their act together then the longer ones (like rich eisen's take) eventually just stop for a while. I'll also often have the audio playing fine while the video stops, then plays in fast forward then freaks out altogether. It just discourages using the application.

  • Tim - 12 years ago

    The links to the radio stations for each team fails to load.

  • Navin - 12 years ago

    The video quality is horrible.....that is just bad on -Sprint's part

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