Should Iran be sanctioned for hiding a 2nd uranium enrichment plant?

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  • BinAlBinary - 10 years ago

    sanction will work well as in north korea
    they will work exactly nothing

    the regular people will suffer and the people wo should suffer by sanctions will not
    the illegal marked will grow imeadiatly and iran will turn into the next swat valey as in afgahnistan
    if iran have no plans to do a bomb (there is no evidence at now time) they will do it for sure after sanctions
    sanctions will make the critics about the western world stronger world wide and will weaken the security in the western world

    the west should start to support the iranian peacefull nuclear program
    so the west will get involved and gain more controll
    the west would weaken the critisism about the west and weaken the threats to western security

    its on the hand

    put sanctions on iran and gain more enemies whyle archievning nothing
    work with them and gain security and friends

    they have a other culture ... try to deal with that ... its not weakness if you can deal with other minds cultures and religions

    think wise

    attaking the iran will also be no solution ... the west will gain more enemies world wide will weaken its own defense and will gain nothing else then a massacre on every side

    think about ... do you wanna put the gun on theyr head and risk that they will call theyr gang and injure you
    or do you wanna invite them into your gang and get stronger with theyr additional power

    some have the mentality of controlling the middle east and the muslims throug israel
    wouldent it be the better choice to gain controll and respect among the muslims with a muslim friend at your side?

    try to think logical and not personal motivated through hate at others because you cant stand 9 11 ... if you get frends among thoese who have influence on people which have connetions to thoese who can cause a other 9 11 dont shoot at them, take them on your side and they will be able to protect you ... if you attakk them alone or with theyr enemies the next 9 11 will be only a matter of time... maybe you think you can prevent terrorism by killing all people you dont like ... you only will loose control and the bees will come from where ever you cant see them anymore

    this is logical and ...
    there must be a point where someone breaks the circle of violence ... and iran can be now one peace in the whole chain to start with breaking through

    its the first time i am realy in fear of an woerse fault by western politicans
    which will bring a negative result and will destruct the western security totaly
    i as a part of the west hope that oure politicans now begin to think with a brain and for its own people instead of thinking with theyr bank account against the own people
    support the peacefull nuclear program in iran please
    dont give reason to terrorism
    make friends to the west and not enemies
    i dont care about the money (pay them a nuclear plant) i care about my life now (dont let the situation escalate down there)
    work on deescalation and against escalation

    sarkozy is not caring about the french people... he is the real threat to the west
    obama should restart his brain
    and the british should shut up ... they did enough damage in the past of africa
    and israel should stop forcing up a war for jerking off

    no one of them is representing me in anycase!
    please people world wide dont blame or hurt me for theyr political incompetence and theyr egoism


    and pace upon all!

  • Ashoor, HE - 10 years ago

    Do any body think that applying tighting senction will lead more pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear programme? On the other hand how these senctions going to affect Iranian economy; bare in mind that Iran has almost independent economy that more section may cause Iran to hang on coorporation with IAEA.

  • Murtaza - 10 years ago

    i don't understand the need for sanctions! when the west froze all contracts with iran after the new regime took place how can learned officials say that iran had signed a treaty under the regime of the shah, in which they agreed not to produce nuclear energy. now why should the new regime follow anything that the old regime did ?

  • Naths Elangwe - 10 years ago

    Its so simple. I do not understand why world leaders continue to talk about sanctions that doesn't work. The people at the top of the Iranian regime keep on thriving, while we see the common man suffering out there.
    Let us follow the words of President Sakozy and Prime Minister Brown: Iran must stop that threat and cooperate. Or else there should not be any other option or second thought, rather than military sanctions. It is very clear all the ambitions is gear towards a nuclear bomb. Pass on a resolution, go in there with force and destroy all the nuclear facilities. Keep the regime in further isolation and let us all watch and see what they would do. Its too much!

  • BOOforYOU - 10 years ago

    Come on, not for "hiding"!

  • Femi Adeolu Amele - 10 years ago

    it is an uncivil culture to turn the table on agreement papers or decisions. if every 8 out of 10 UN countries do the same, then UN Summit must be a contained chaotic conference!

  • EmCeeJay - 10 years ago

    Enforcement of sanctions when caught is a more effective deterrent, otherwise they end up as mere threats. And as we have seen with Iran and North Korea under Bush, threats alone don't work, especially with those who deliberately cross the line. Let's not forget that this is not the 1st time Iran is doing this.

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