Should electric vehicles be equipped with a noise-making device for safety?


  • dc - 11 years ago

    Iam sure by the time electric cars become the norm, we will have the option to be personally alerted via a wireless link to our phone, watch etc. NO NEED TO CREATE MORE NOISE.

  • James Archibald - 14 years ago

    I lived in China for 2 years where they are way further into the move to electric.
    I dubbed them the silent death. Even late at night when it is fairly quiet you can't hear them coming. A group of half a dozen electric scooters is almost silent and you won't hear them until they are about 3' away. In China they don't turn on their headlights to save energy. They come out of the gloom leaving you only seconds to get out of the way. I can't count the number of times I came within inches of being hit. When you add in the sounds of traffic in the daytime they are twice as dangerous.
    The idea that they might have custom sounds is real touchy feely but I believe they should at least have a base element that is uniform and readily identifiable.

  • Jason - 14 years ago

    I think that electric cars should make noise. If you think not then think about all the times were your about to walk across the road and then you hear a cars engine roar in the distance and it quickly speeds by. Then you say to yourself, I almost just got crushed by a car, think about it. In the future you could get smashed by a soundless car, leaving you dead and confused by what hit you.

  • Robert - 14 years ago

    Though there is the joy of a silent car, one must consider the visually impaired, they do not have the obvious option of looking for an oncoming vehicle. I think that an electric car can be quieter than an internal combustion car but still make a sound that would notify people of its presence audibly. This sound can also be easily isolated from the passenger compartment since we already have anti-noise technology. It would probably be easier since we would already know what the sound would be.

  • ken - 15 years ago

    I meen what are you going to tell your kids, "ok guys rember stop, look, and .................

  • ken - 15 years ago

    what ever happend to "stop, look, and LISTEN!

  • Neal Gaskin - 15 years ago

    One of the many desirable features of an electric or full hybrid is the silence. Now if the tire noise common to all vehicles could be eliminated, noise polution would take another hit. Surely people are not so stupid as to not look where they are going. Then again...

  • jonathan jones - 15 years ago

    i think they should be equipped with sound makers just in case you dont hear them i mean im with most people with not having noise pollution although i agree with the noise making it should be kept to a certain extent though

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