Are students adequately listened to in Newton Public Schools' decision-making? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 9 years.


  • Ben Chelmow - 9 years ago

    Hey Ben,

    Right now, I am currently the President of the South Senate, Newton South's student government. We are trying to work with our new Principal, Mr. Stembridge, to try and bring the South Senate into a more active role in the school's decision making process. So far, things are looking favorable. Stembridge is looking to consolidate South's various governing bodies into a clear-cut, institutionalized system which will ultimatly give the South Senate a greater voice.

    I think it would be even better if officials beyond the school (ie Superintendant etc) sought to forge a working relationship with student groups such as the South Senate. A student government is in many ways a better indicator of student opinion than other governing groups (ie PTSO, School Council) by virtue of being led by and made up of students. A closer relationship with student government will also foster trust and accountability between students, faculty, and administrators.

    Best of luck with this year,
    Ben C

  • Sachi Hashimoto - 9 years ago

    I think we are adequately listened to. Whether or not we are saying the right things or using our power is another issue. Ben, you, as a non voting rep, have a huge influence over school committee. The SFA is half made up of students, letting students have an almost equal say in policy. However, there are times when I feel the general student body as a whole neglects these opportunities by not paying attention to their rights and the avenues in which they can express their opinions.

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