Where Would You Love-Love-Love to Have Nutrition Information?

  • Alanna - 12 years ago

    Hi Nonie, Sooo agreed! And thanks for careful reading! I wondered about the fiber too, but think it didn't come out in the nutrition because my assumption was that only a few tablespoons of the the pumpkin was consumed. Hope this helps!

  • Nonie Stoecklein - 12 years ago

    I wish restaurants, magazines and cookbooks provided the nutrition information. It helps us make healthier choices. When I have a choice of something high in fat, or something else good that is low, I choose the low. I am surprised that the custard in the pumpkin shows no dietary fiber. Eating the pumpkin should provide fiber!

  • Anali - 12 years ago

    I do wish that restaurants provided at least some nutritional information. Right now, I think most of us have no idea the amount of fat, calories, and sodium that we are dealing with.

  • Ali - 12 years ago

    This is so interesting - just yesterday I was telling my mother how it just seems wrong that nutrition information is available for processed foods and not for whole healthy foods that we cook with. Thank you for providing nutrition information, it's a life-saver for someone like me.

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