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Who would win in a fight: Tumblr or Posterous? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 3,563

  • Paruresis - 13 years ago

    Tumblr, no doubt!

  • Best netbook - 14 years ago

    tumblr of course

  • Cindy - 14 years ago

    You CAN post directly on the web from the Posterous website, or by email and the new iPhone app lets you post photos as you go into a real-time album. Plus they instantly answer customer service/inquiry emails. Total win!

  • Arguser - 14 years ago

    Posterous totally rapes Tumblr and wait for more improvements, Posterous team won't stop!

  • Bill Vilberg - 14 years ago

    POSTEROUS is amazing, for me. I send tweets, blog posts, and pictures from my iPhone and know that they are available on Posterous as well as twitter and facebook and friendfeed. Easy as pie and it looks good, too.

  • bill - 14 years ago

    I had to set up a microblog for a class this week. I chose tumblr first because of the many ways and types of posts you can make. But, at the end, I went with posterous because of comments. Tumblr requires you to understand reblogging or implement third party comments which create quite a barrier for simple public comments from students. Posterous won for my situation.

  • Fernanda Ramos - 14 years ago

    I have both... and I cannot choose between one of them!

    Posterous I use as a archive of the e-mails I sent for friends... and it is good to have a place on web where other people that I don't send those emails directly can see what I share. Nice that it auto-shares with twitter and facebook... then all my friends there can see what I post. I think Posterous could have a place where we can post directly on the web (without using e-mail), as the user above suggested.

    My posterous:

    It is easy to have a blog using posterous... just include posterous e-mails in the groups of contact you normally sends... and you will have a blog always up to date.

    I like Tumblr too... There I publish my reviews about the tools I use and like... there is a lot of interesting tips... but they are in portuguese... It is nice that it auto-shares with twitter and facebook... then all my friends there can see what I post.

    Themes in Tumblr are nice... And I like the Reblog feature... Posterous should implement this too... and have more themes to choose. Posterous doesn't accept scripts and html on the sidebar well...

  • Anurag Bansal - 14 years ago

    Frankly speaking Tumblr & Posterous both are great web apps. I think it become a personal choice when it comes to choose just one. I preferred Posterous.
    Tumblr has a big user base, but Posterous is growing. And it is growing really fast. They are adding features very quickly too.
    Yesterday only I reviewed Posterous on my blog and provided some 10 suggestions for the team to make it even better. If any one wanna have a look, here is the link:

    As I said, it is personal preference which will be the deciding factor afterall. Many start-ups use Tumblr for their company blogs whereas some other have started to use Posterous too.

    I myself is moving my Blogger blog to Posterous soon because of its ease of sharing anything, anytime quickly with the world and have it auto-posted everywhere.
    I vote for Posterous.

    Anurag Bansal

  • devonair - 14 years ago

    Posterous' ability to autopost everywhere is the killer feature

  • Jeff Gregory - 14 years ago

    Posterous is the killer app. Tumblr is the killed app.

    This battle was over before it even began.

    Besides, the really cute chick @ Mashable uses Posterous.
    For me, case closed.

    Hope to have drinks with her in a few weeks. Biased? Absolutely.

    Beautiful, fascinating women win out over silly software any day of the week.

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