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To whom did the Gamaliel Foundation pray in this video? (Poll Closed)

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  • Rol - 15 years ago

    Well, what I heard was "Deliver us Obama" 5 times during the Prayers. I listened as closely with the volume down but, I at no time heard GOD mentioned.
    Basically, this is moot. The people in question are on a much lower plain and have a very hard time understanding what our Country stands for or how it's even run. They are more interested in the fact that a Blackman is in power and they will recieve what ever it is they want. This is ACORN hard at work, round up the registrations to vote. TSK,TSK,TSK. It's good to be informed of things like this, it should push "We The People" even more.

  • ken - 15 years ago

    I heard pretty much what craig heard.

  • craig - 15 years ago

    I think the crowd started out split pretty evenly between God and Obama. It sounds to me as if the God-worshipping half (the sane half) noticed the other half worshipping someone else, and started pointedly speaking God's name louder to remind them who we are supposed to worship. By the end, the Obama-worshippers have switched.

  • Anita - 15 years ago

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!

  • Jules Hamil - 15 years ago

    Boy, you talk about a bunch of sick puppies......they definitely were praying to "The Won". I'm wondering when he'll answer their prayers? My Bible tells me God will not be mocked.

  • David - 15 years ago

    remember when BHO wanted to move into the white house ahead of the normal time (Thankfully, President Bush understands the law and tradition and he replied with a firm 'NO Way BO!'...) Obviously Bo wasn't the only one who wanted to "hit the ground running." I hope a John Galt shows up soon...!

  • Pilgrimsarbour - 15 years ago

    Try listening to the audio on headphones without looking at the video, especially the subtitles. The subtitles can persuade you that you're hearing things that may not be there.

    I'm more certain than I was before that the people are saying "Oh God." As much as I would like to be able to chastise these folks for being a part of the Obama cult (and maybe they are), I really don't think they are praying to him.

  • Larry Sheldon - 15 years ago

    Last two are clearly "Oh God", First four are clearly "Obama".

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