Do you believe Humboldt County should allow the proposed Jungo Road Landfill?


  • Carra Otto - 14 years ago

    RECOLOGY has a beautiful public image that it is selling to the citizens of Humboldt County and Winnemucca. The problem is that they are the same company that changed their name from NORCAL because they needed to distance themselves from a brand tainted by criminal wrongdoing including company officers that were convicted of bribing public officials.
    They have distributed literature that states;
    Question:"Will the Jungo facility accept hazardous waste?
    Answer: "No. The Jungo facility did not seek authority to accept hazardous waste and WILL NOT accept hazardous waste".
    They go on to say;"
    Although MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) can include tires and ASBESTOS, that material is projected to comprise less than one percent of the incoming material."
    How many of us agree that asbestos is hazardous waste?
    At a rate of 4000 TONS per . "less than" could be anywhere between 0 to 79,999 pounds PER DAY!!! That is nearly 40 TONS per day.
    Recology has made a huge sales pitch to our public officials and have been successful in the purchase of some of the hearts and minds in this community.They can not diminish what they are doing by manipulating statistics or data to hide the truth. This will poison our air and our water. I for one am not willing to sell my child's future or my own integrity for any amount of money.
    The hired guns for Recology can leave after this is over with no fear of the little dust storm coming from the west. They can go fishing down the road and have a nice dinner in camp with their kids and grandkids.
    They don't give a damn whether we can or not.

  • Kenyon Thompson - 14 years ago

    I live in Lovelock. The Humboldt River flows downhill from Winnemucca to Rye Patch Res. to the water intake for Lovelock. That makes Jungo Flats uphill from the water intake. Recology says that that water would have to flow uphill to pose a contamination problem. They either don't know or are just lying. I lived by a land fill in Oregon for 25 years, and I at least have an idea of what happens when tons of garbage is stacked up every day. I don't think people in Humboldt county understand what they are dealing with. Long term contamination and ruin of the environment is the deal. Humboldt County officials have no right to act as though this concerns only them. That is why I will vote in this as a resident of Pershing County. This is too big for that county office to decide.

  • Steph Huber - 14 years ago

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  • Steph Huber - 14 years ago

    was voted on and passed is beyond comprehension. I know I would have never voted for such thing-knowing this would happen. It will be quite awhile before the garbage would be shipped in and for alot of us, should I say older generation would not feel the effects of this travesty. But the reason we live here is quality of life. I for one would not want to leave this to my children and grandchildren to look back on us and say, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING-MONEY?!! JOBS?!! 25-35 jobs, and I don't believe that would be from the locals-Recology has to bringing there own in-they are such experts.
    I for one am against this landfill-thers plenty of room in CA for there own garbage-they'll just have to pay more to dump it

  • Gene L Berg - 14 years ago

    I attempted to vote No, on your survey, when I clicked on, "vote here," it took me to the thank you for voting page. I attempted this several times with the same result, it jumps from the vote here, to the thank you for voting page. The Yes or No page does not open. Gene

    PS: I plan on attentding you meetings and taking an active role in fighting against the dump, so please advise me of meetings or any other way I may be of assistance.

  • David Porte - 14 years ago

    I have rented a 50 acre parcel of land to retire on. This landfill would literaly be in my front yard. Since any water source available to me would be impacted by this dump and all of the other negative impact I strongly disagree with its aproval. We are already dealing with fish from Rye Patch being tainted with heavy metals do we want to decimate the entire water system that flows into Rye Patch and on down the Humbolt River. Part of the reason we selected this parcel of land was the spectacular view of Desert Valley. The proposed dump site is within 1 mile not a good thing. Maybe the county commisioners should rethink their decision and come to their senses.

  • James Ledbetter - 14 years ago

    No california trash. We have our own trash.

  • Rod Nelms - 14 years ago

    This whole concept of moving waste from one state to another is totally unacceptable. Nevada is not a dumpng ground for nuclear waste or toxic garbage from California. We as citizens of Humboldt County cannot and will not stand for for this landfill proposal to stand. It is quite apparent that most of our elected officials are taking a proactive stance against this ugly situation. As indicated in a channel news 4 article, a company known as Fulcrum BioEnergy is going to import garbage to Storey county and process bio-fuel, "wow" what a great concept, making fuel from garbage. If only Recology could employ such a concept. No, they just want to bring it in and leave it, while making money at our expense, dammed the environment and everybody else who try and get in their way. Rod Nelms UTU/SLD-NV

  • Patrick Brooks - 14 years ago

    California needs to deal with there own waste. Out of state land owers want to make big bucks on low cost land and the land is right here in Humboldt county. This is our land! this is not the type of business we need here in the Winnemucca area! Keep your trash - we do not need your cash! We need to be clean and run this County right and get the right type of business here. No Trash Trains for us

  • Fred Baryol - 14 years ago

    In my opinion the Jungo landfill project should have never gotten to the point we are currently at. We have allowed a company with a dubious background to treat our planning officials the same way they would treat third world War Lords. What usually happens in a situation like this is a few individuals make a lot of money and the people and the community/country suffer in the long run.

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