Allison Iraheta's 'Friday I'll Be Over You':

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Posted 10 years.


  • Silvia Chavez - 9 years ago

    i love Rock!
    & this song is fantasatic!
    good job girl!

    is dedicated to Alexis,,boy,,dont trip! you know why..i love you but fuck you made a fool outta me:(

  • Shar - 10 years ago

    I loved Allison on AI. She should have been the runner up and Adam the winner. But after saying that.. this new single doesn't even sound like her; too much electronics, not her style of music. Simon Cowell once said, "The one's that make it long term are the ones that don't stray from what made them stars on AI." Well the producer for Allison did her an injustice with this sound. She is a rocker girl all the way. It's not even a pop sound it's sounds "poppy" which is different. My nine year old granddaugther is a fan and doesn't like it. Hopefully, the producers will get the hint and listen to her fans for her album. I still think most of her fans will buy her music no matter what cause they love her.

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