Should CBS fire David Letterman?

  • mail - 12 years ago

    fire David Letterman ........

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    Letterman knew what was going to happen with this information being leaked out about him having sex with CBS staff members in the past and this is why he got married months ago, it was to make it that much harder to take his son away from him once the chit hit the fan and now after all this we for the first time see pictures of his wife and now we all can understand why Dave never showed her face before and why he was looking for sex in women that could be listed in his mind as sexy, at 62 I'm sure it's not easy, there is only one thing that our 100 million dollar man Dave wants right now and that is to keep his son by his by his side 365 days a year and nothing less and there are the facts, period, end of story. GL Dave !

  • sally - 13 years ago

    My opinion is that Dave Letterman and his mistress's behavior have caused this other man to be driven to commit a crime, i.e. extortion, by their behavior. Shame on them. Did the rest of the people there know all about this behavior and cover it up? Shame on all of you at CBS if Haldeman now ends up in jail.

    How pathetic a major news organization like CBS is in such disarray.

    Why would anyone want to laugh at any of Dave's jokes knowing he has caused the downfall of another human being? How hypocritical. Fire him!

  • willing and able - 13 years ago

    What I don't understand about this whole thing is why the man didn't just write the book. It was his girlfriend. Seems like he would have killed 2 birds with one stone and still made his 2 mil. Anyway it sounds like the homewrecker got what she wanted. A college education for being a cum bag.

  • Disgusted - 13 years ago

    David Letterman is taking advantage of his position. I am really offended by his way of saying "I had sex with my employees'. He would not even admitted those were affairs. He used his employees as sex objects. I feel sorry for the women involved. David Letterman was single, rich and famous. The women involved might thnk they had a chance to devleop long term relationships with him but instead they were just being used for sex. This whole thing is very disgusting. This is very typical behavior of men who have money and power.

  • jules - 13 years ago

    Just get off of it. Go for the guy that was arrested with his fake $2million check. Do the women have to be submissive??? NO! They chose to do it. Everyone gets mad at the man......what about the women??? I think the comment by 'Kevin' posted here is the him for 'what'?

  • aggitta - 13 years ago

    Hey Dave, How does great moments in Presidental History stack up to this dog and pony show?

  • nancy - 13 years ago

    dave reinga and other women business

  • J.D. - 13 years ago

    Letterman was great for N.Y. during the 9-11 catastrophe. He pulled the city together with his seemingly deep feelings for those that were hurting! But - I fired Dave several months ago! It was as simple as changing the channel. He (and Oprah) put it to the McCain/Palin ticket! They shoved Obama down our throats with their slight of foot in mouth tricks! Now look at what we have to be proud of with their "big name" influence. Letterman has a cocky demeaner that says "I'm untouchable"! I hope he can be proud of all of those that he has turned the American people against. Good Luck Dave - Get YOURSELF out of this one!

  • lmpw83 - 13 years ago

    I'm amazed at how many women are defending and condoning Letterman's behavior. It speaks volumes about them and their character. Letterman preys on young subordinates. Regardless of whether these women willingly or reluctantly slept with him - it's an abuse of power. Who would want to work with women who slept with the boss. it's obvious that these women would reap favors that other employees did not as in the case of him financing this woman's law school degree as well as advancing her career in other ways. I think that women are their own worst enemies. We're programmed to feel that regardless of the horrendous behavior of men , all he has to do is say "sorry" and that ends the situation. After all, he's only "human". Women rarely gets such a pass. There are all kinds of derogatory words for women who cheat on men. It's fortunate that so many people don't understand the importance of loyalty, integrity and honesty in relationship. Most definitely Letterman should be removed. The argument that other men do this is supposed to mean what??

  • Roadwarrier101 - 13 years ago

    Get real people. If you can't find some more significant issue to comment on then pull your head out of your a$$ and buy a newspaper or a book. The women involved are not coming forward claiming anything. I guess none of you have any dirty little secrets. GO DAVE!!!

  • Erlene Easterling - 13 years ago

    Love Dave NO Like Dave NO Right about now I am shaking my head and wondering how a successful public figure married with a darling little boy can be so foolish." In deed what was he thinking?" Not thinking with his head or heart that is for sure. My first marriage fell victim to this kind of repeated betrayal. It is so difficult to cope with if love is involved. I thought Dave must have really loved his wife to marry after so many years., So proud of his little boy......I don't always find his humor funny, Just as I don't see the humor in his situation. At the same time why do the other women always come out as being abused, sexually harassed etc. The truth be known they are getting favors from the boss not because of any special talent just. that they are there and willing. You can only dangle a bone in front of a dog for so long before Fido will grab it when he thinks no one is watching. Fido didn't enjoy the bone nearly as much as he thought he would, but that memory soon fades. The next time he sees a bone ,there for the taking he will again repeat his actions. This is in no way an excuse for his behavior, but neither does it excuse the Bitch that leaves it out there for the taking. Lose his job NO unless we can find a way to bring justice to all who continue to think with parts of the body other than their brain. This is a very personal part of a couple's life. They should be able to work out these things at home not in the media. That being the case there would be no fuel for blackmail . It seems the (lady in question) was playing her own game. Maybe hoping for one outcome but keeping the back burner lit just in case. Really what woman leaves a diary where it can be found if they don't want anyone to read it. ACCIDENT "NOT" The whole thing just stinks. Certainly the media could make better use of their time. To everyone else if you don't like Dave or think he is funny just don't watch, how many TV shows continue when they have no viewers?? Keep the politics out of it and let him sink or swim on his own.

  • Retired Soldier - 13 years ago

    It was an abuse of power. Period.

    He should be jailed.

    I am not buying any products from any companies supporting his show. I hope other do so also.

    Between him and the child rapist my family and I have written off hollywood movies for the rest of the year.

    Are you sponsors reading this?

  • Hi-Powered Howard - 13 years ago

    Notwithstanding David Letterman's popularity or lack of same, the facts as we know them now are that 1) Charges have been levied against a man after the police and the prosecutor's office conducted an investigation. 2) Despite the victim's (to be precise, Letterman) morals, talents (or lack of same), he is NOT in a position of trust, i.e. his personal actions have no bearing nor impact on the rest of society. 3) The women identified as being involved in affairs with him both publicly say "he's a great guy!"
    So, what have we got here? Sounds like a lot of beating up on Letterman because critics either don't like his behaviour, don't like his "arrogance", don't like his politics or just plain don't like him.
    Certainly their choice(s).
    BUT, spare us the "fire him" "burn his ass" nonsense.
    It doesn't fly based on what we know now.

  • Lanishka - 13 years ago

    What's with these people who want Letterman fired? He made a mistake, albeit a big one. Lighten up - people have been have affairs forever and don't lose their jobs over it. If they did, many people in this country would be unemployed. Let it go people. It's over.

  • Hazel Gladney - 13 years ago

    I think David should be fired. Not because he screwed staff members but because he is not funy.

  • Brey Atwood - 13 years ago

    This country is sinking deeper and deeper into an abyss. At what point IS someone held accountable? The emotional damage to people around this man was tremendous, and yet, he laughs and his audience says "well, so what? So and so over there has done the same thing or worse!" No one seems to care about anything but how they can satisfy their most primal needs, and, if they cannot manage to do so themselves, they will happily enjoy listening to how others do it! Can anyone, just for a moment, realize how the man that found the diaries felt???? No, he was not justified in what he did, but he was lied to and deceived by BOTH Letterman and the woman. He was, in essence, considered less than human because they did not consider him of any value. HE is the bad guy?? Letterman and friend share equally. Letterman feels a victim, and laughs, and the audience laughs, yet this could never have happened had Letterman had any moral values. The two participants in the affair are as bad, if not worse, than the blackmailer. Instead, Letterman will benefit from all this because we will allow it by watching. Shame on him. Shame on us if we continue to watch his show.

  • CBS needs to fire Dave Lettermen (he's not funny) - 13 years ago

    Regardless of the fact that Dave is an "entertainer", he is a boss and he slept with a underlings most likely on multiple occasions. I know you Dave supporters want to rally behind him, but the ethical nature of this behavior deems Dave unfit to be a boss and hold a position of responsibility. So, although he may be nothing more than a clown in our society, his position in his organization and our society make his clown behavior unacceptable. He's unfit to be a boss. CBS MUST can him asap.

  • Carlos - 13 years ago

    Letterman's jokes have often seemed mean spirited to me. He did not seem to care if he hurt someone in the process of trying to be funny. Now Letterman is caught with his pants down and his apologies seem insincere. Does anyone really believe he will be faithful to his wife in the future?

    Give me Jay Leno any day of the week.

  • Jim Black - 13 years ago

    Letterman is a poor excuse for a human being.

  • mickey - 13 years ago


  • Michael - 13 years ago

    Letterman is out of control. He is creepy. He should have been fired for his stupid comments of Gov. Palin 14 year old child. Shame on him and CBS....He would resign if he was a good person....But He is Not............

  • Pam - 13 years ago

    Oh, Bobby C.....Don't worry about Dave. He is too much of an egomaniac to kill himself. He just makes everybody around him wish he would. I thought Dave had settled down after Harry was born (the child named after Dave's father. The Harrys must be so proud.)

  • Bobby C - 13 years ago

    I worry Dave may kill himself or die of a heart attack. He needs a good friend now. Maybe Regis will give him a Life Line.

  • Dana Asberry - 13 years ago

    David's problem but it was well known for years. The degree of it is now shocking. The fact it never stopped after his recent marriage, and the idea he was above it all is just plain ignorant. He's a dumbass. Why open yourself to this shame and risk. Okay, our former President Clinton also couldn't keep his pants up. But come on..Letterman knew the risk and joked about others with such foibles. I can't accept the behavior or condone it from someone we consider a role model. He is sick and needs help. Dr. Phil can you help this man?

  • Julia DeFranco - 13 years ago

    a probe should be done by an independent team hired by cbs. it also could become a shareholder issue, so they will eventually cut david letterman loose. he seems like a nice guy but he can't be worth the value of a shareholder revolt or string of "victim" lawsuits..and add the tainted reputation he would bring to cbs. bottom line: if cbs can fire dan rather, they can fire david letterman! sorry david. you gotta go.

  • Janice Russo - 13 years ago

    after reading some of the comments, I think the writer's have "serious couch-time ahead" to rid themselves of critical jealousy directed at Dave. Get over it! So what if he had sex with Stephanie/Monica? Why do you think these women go to NYC & get hired if not for the opportunity to advance "themselves." Americans are hypocrites -- sex is sex and love is different not be devalued in the same vein as a roll with a willing partner in the sack. I love Letterman and his humor & I hope Regina sees this for what it is-- nothing but a quickie with a woman on the make looking for benefits. He did pay for her law school, so I suggest she took advantage of him.

  • P.Barman - 13 years ago

    This man should be history now and let him roam free in the widerness which is good for him

  • toots - 13 years ago

    Chuck Norris~ I totally concur :)

  • R. - 13 years ago

    Can him!!!!! He's an egomaniac who stopped being funny many years ago.

  • Chuck Norris - 13 years ago

    F Letterman. He is the arrogant puttz that brought this on himself and as for the lo$3rs that support him, they are pathetic libs, F them too. HAHAHA! I hope his wife cleans Loserman out. Go get him, girl.

  • Darlene A. - 13 years ago

    Was it like: "Screw me, or I'll fire you."? Or did he date 'em, drop 'em, then make their work life miserable? This is way different than a celebrity having an affair. This guy was these people's BOSS, you know? Ewwww! A power pervert!

  • Dan - 13 years ago

    He is a creepy hypocrite who should be fired. Funny how he attacked Sarah Palin and everyone laughed... not so funny when stuff happens to you Dave is it. Not that I like Palin, but at least she had enough class not to say anything about your despicable behavior.

    This guy is just an asshole.

  • Diane - 13 years ago

    The guy is a slime. He is a pig and will never change. He still talks about Palin. He still talks about hookers. I would say he has some serious couch time. Because he can, is that what it has come down to? And he loves his son, okay. Guys like that don't know any other way. So he apologized. Bill O'Reilly is probably still having phone sex. These are just sick people playing it out on TV. Fire the bum! And will wifey leave him? She should? You betcha as he will always be "gettin' it done". His remarks tell it all and are very revealing. Just watch.

  • Kevin - 13 years ago

    Fired for what??? Stupid question if I ever heard one.

    So the guy took "some" from willing staff members, big deal...what is it, a third of all marriages start as office romances.

    We spend most of our waking hours at work, and if you put men and women cooped up long enough they're gonna start boingking.

    Rather than fire Letterman, we should really be taking a closer look at "Women who sleep with the Boss", not all women do you know.

  • toots - 13 years ago

    Halderman should be lauded as a hero :)

  • Stu - 13 years ago

    I knew Dave when he was just a comedy club hack,,he still is and has a nasty steak and POUNCES of those he deems beneath him or politicly opposite,,,screw him and his holier than thou 6 mo he will be screwin around again any

  • toots - 13 years ago

    I'm patiently waiting! The chickens are coming home to roost!!

    Oh and the sweet, sweet schadenfreude. Uh huh :)

  • Louise Zeitlin - 13 years ago

    Why should he be fired, yeah he made a mistake, it was wrong, he was married. If every many who cheated was fired from his job, we would more than half the population of the male workforce on unemployment. At least he stood up, admitted in so many words he's a "pig." But, he's human, sex is sex, if he was in love with all these women, Regina would have good reason to kick his butt.

    Oh, and I am a female. Give the guy a break, if Clinton can come back, and Gingrich, and all he other a-holes in public life, let's give Letterman some slack to clean up his act.

  • toots - 13 years ago

    fire his perv, creepy, saggy a$$.

  • J. Peterman - 13 years ago

    Yeah, Jim, fire every person who has screwed around with a subordinate employee and the unemployment rate will rise 20% in one day.

    "Any manager engaging in sexual relations with subordinate employees has viloated sexual harrassment laws of one sort or another." That is BS. It may not be a good decision to do so, but merely screwing the secretary isn't against the law.

    While Letterman may have some moral issues, the fact that he played around with a couple of staffers isn't even news. In my younger days I did the same thing. What's the point of being the boss if it doesn't get you laid?

  • Jake White - 13 years ago

    Yes, he should get fired. Here is a guy who pokes fun and ridicules others for their mistake. So with that being said, can his ass. Let him be the first example of the no-hanky panky rule in corporate America. I like his line when he stated that when you hurt a person it is your responsibility to fix it. Well, Letterman, how many people did you hurt in television? You don't give a rats ass about anyone except yourself. Remember Palin, it took all the kings horses and then some for you to offer a crappy apology. You have a long way to go.

  • Todorojo - 13 years ago

    David Letterman is a comedian and entertainer. I can think of dozens upon dozens of comedians and entertainers who have cheated on their spouses, been caught and then somehow incorporated their mistakes into their material. Mr. Letterman's ability to make himself the butt of his own jokes will only further endear him to his audience and to others who have made similar mistakes. Ride it out with humility, Dave and your audience will be with you.

  • Jim - 13 years ago

    He is the boss this, is his show and every single person on it works for him if this happened in ANY CORPORATION IN AMERICA he would be fired. Any manager engaging in sexual relations with subordinate employees has viloated sexual harrassment laws of one sort or another. You can babble about consentual adult relationships but there is not a Human Resources rep in the country that would not move to protect the company from harrassment claims.
    In fact any one of these staffers could now claim he threatened them with their jobs and ask for millions in compensation and he has ADMITTED this wrongdoing. The smart move for CBS would be to terminate him and control the potential legal damage to the company that may fall from the sky. If CBS hangs on to him issue a statement supporting or defending Letterman they will have contributed to a hostile work environment and they will be paying.

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