Is Adrien Brody right for a "Predator" prequel? (If you vote no, please tell us why in the comments)


  • Roxy - 13 years ago

    Adrien Brody is the sexiest man in the world i think he is too romantic and too good for stupid movies like predator

  • Regla - 13 years ago

    He is a damn good actor and after seeing his work, I have faith that he will transform into his character. We need more of his type.

  • amosnonfamous - 13 years ago

    You need to watch this actor in the remake of King Kong before jumping to conclusions on this question. He portrayed his character as intelligent, strong, silent and up to the task at hand...which included quite a few heroic and athletic pursuits in the course of the story. Not afraid to fall in love, not conflicted about risking his life for same. There was something refreshing about growing to love his character over the course of the movie rather than being spoon fed a traditionally handsome hunk who was in first place from the start. That's how it was in King Kong and he has great promise as an action hero in future features for the same reason.

  • Lynn Morgan - 13 years ago

    Why am I detecting just the faintest whiff of anti-semitism in all the Anti-Adrien slams (and I have no idea if h'e actually Jewish or not). He's not the cookie-cutter WASP-oid leading man, but he's beyond brilliant as an artist (see The Summer of Sam and The Pianist if you doubt) and as a dude, well, he is hotter than naplam. Better him than Shia LeBeouf or Ryan Reynolds any damn day!

  • Pat - 13 years ago

    Oh yeah he the right pick, After king kong I got new respect from him as a sensitive but forceful actor. he's weird attractive

  • Cia - 13 years ago

    Adrien Brody is so underestimated. He was brilliant in Piano and I fell in love with him when I first saw him in "The Summer of Sam." His brilliance makes him sexy. I think with Rodriguez directing and based on the plot alone this movie will score well in the theatres. And people will see what a character and brilliant actor Adrien could be.

  • Karen - 13 years ago

    Adrien Brody is THE sexiest man alive and I would go see him in any movie he was in! I can't wait to see this. His sexy expressions are worth any ticket price! Have you ever seen "The Jacket"? Excellent movie. That introduced me to Adrien Brody and I haven't looked back since.

  • Jacqueline - 13 years ago

    I'm sorry, but where is the good old days when movie stars were actually good-looking? i can see his type on the street, so why would i PAY to see him in theaters?

  • Violet - 13 years ago

    Adrien Brody is a underused talent. You'll be surprised how sexy he can be.

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