Should Israel be disarmed of Weapons of Mass Destruction

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  • Jens H. - 10 years ago

    Jack Larkin, you're an idiot, and this poll is ridiculous.
    Of course they should, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  • S.A. - 11 years ago

    Jack Larkin, I totally agree!

  • Jack Larkin - 11 years ago

    The Zionist cesspool of fascism and terrorism known as the "State of Israel" must be dismantled entirely and its leaders and soldiers publicly executed for terrorism and war crimes. This is an entity that has NO right to exist whatsoever in a civilized world. They must be dealt with very harshly for what they have done to the native Christian, Hebrew, and Muslim people of Palestine and for what they have done to other countries by deceiving us and dragging us into UNNECESSARY wars for the Zionists' benefit and for their deliberate bankrupting of western societies.

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