President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Does he deserve it?

  • joecr - 11 years ago

    This "prize" is a total joke since at least 2002 if not before then. Obama has done nothing but apologize for things that the USA had done correctly & was on the right side. But since Jimmy Carter won the same award back in 2002 I can see this award has been going down hill for a very long time. Remember that Jimmy Carter is considered to be one of the worst presidents in the history of the USA.
    Also in 2007 Al Gore one of the people making the most money off of his wrong & dangerous ideas on "global climate change". We now have science that proves Gore wrong on what he is claiming is going to happen.

  • floren - 11 years ago

    yes it is correct what obama is getting and he deserves it

  • Kevin - 11 years ago

    There is a rumor going around that Obama may win Motor Trends Car of the Year too. Can anyone substantiate this for me?

  • katharine - 11 years ago

    I am an American living in Norway. The Nobel committee is made up of representatives from all the political parties in the country, including left, center left, center, center right, and right. As an American living abroad I can easily see that Obama has already had an effect on the way that others see Americans, and that he has indeed changed the geopolitic toward a more shared, multilateral dialogue, which is making progress toward peace easier, and also making it much safer and easier to be an American aoverseas. Congratulations, President Obama, and thank you!

  • Freud, S. - 11 years ago

    It would be interesting to see the accomplishments of the other is with great certainty that someone else was MUCH more deserving of this prestigious award. The Nobel Peace Prize has been reduced to that found in a Cracker Jack box. It saddens me to think what king of message this sends to America's youth with regards to their already inflated sense of entitlement. Hmmm? Pitiful...

  • kevin S - 11 years ago

    What a joke

  • J. Heart - 11 years ago

    Now the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing.

  • Kevin S - 11 years ago

    The has everything to do with race and politics and nothing else. This is an embarrassing joke.

    Even BO has admitted he doesn't know why they gave it to him people!

  • Renate Schwan - 11 years ago

    Although I'm convinced that Obama is the best possible president for the USA at this time and I acknowledge very much his different approach to today's problems, both nationally and internationally, expressed in a unique and unheard of way in speaking and arguing, I think a prize should be given for real achievements and not for the preparations to reach there.

  • Apaulo - 11 years ago

    Honestly, I am stunned at this news. I am not a far-right nor far-left leaning person, and I did not vote for Obama, however, I respect the president and the office, I do not however respect this prize given to a person who has not achieved anything of merit.
    Liberals say they want peace but continue to berate and belittle people who do not agree with them, how is that peaceful? If Liberals truly believe in looking forward to the future, why do they spend so much time in the past? (i.e. President Bush) Let it go already!
    The world's opinion of America does not mean much to me, they condemn and criticize us continuously and yet expect us to feed and clothe them when disaster hits. If they hate America so much, let them fend for themselves, see how they get along.
    I do not think this award is merited, let Obama accomplish something, then consider him for the award.

  • KV - 11 years ago

    I think it's great! He's mere nomination was inspiring not only to the people of the US but to the world and he wants to do a lot of good things for this country and for the world and I believe he will and only with positive reinforcement can you really be inspired to succeed, I see this as that, he has a lot of potential to do good and I hope that he does and that politics don’t change him but that he changes politics for the better.
    Hopeful K

  • Paul - 11 years ago

    "Blessed are the Peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Congratulations, President Obama - we welcome your presence and commend your efforts. Looking forward to a great future in America and the rest of the world.

  • Carolyn Prescott - 11 years ago

    Congratulations to President Obama, who has changed the tone and tenor of our communications with other countries. He has moved away from bellicose, America-first rhetoric without giving up our country's genuine position of leadership or our considerable strength. The rest of the world recognizes this change as an important accomplishment and accords it recognition.

  • Jay Custin - 11 years ago

    NOTHING against Pres. Obama, but what on earth was the committee thinking? Shouldn't the Prize go to someone who has done something significant FIRST to deserve it?

    I'm sorry, but I just don't see how ANYTHING that he has done so far justifies this honor.

    So much for all the previous Laureates. all things considered, I think this really "cheapens" the award.

  • William - 11 years ago

    Not to sound like sour grapes' but I believe the Nobel committee has become more and more a political tool for left wing causes. While I voted for Obama in this past election what has he done so far to earn it? Come on ,he had only been in office for two weeks??? Would the same have been done for Hillary Clinton?

  • StillCubanAFterAllTheseYears - 11 years ago

    I did not vote for President Obama and I would not vote for him again because I disagree with his fiscal policies.

    But I am thrilled that he won the Nobel Peace Prize and I feel elated that a person who has worked so hard and has overcome so much can be recognized for the great efforts and risks he has taken on behalf of world peace. From the bottom of my heart, with great sincerity, I congratulate President Obama, Mrs. Obama, and his extended family for earning this world-wide recognition.

  • Josh Raso - 11 years ago

    The newspapers in Europe tell a different story this morning. The public opinion is overwhelmingly disapproving of Obama's prize. The consensus is that he doesn't deserve it yet, and may never deserve it, unless the Iraq and Afghanistan wars can be controlled and ended.

  • Linda Long - 11 years ago

    It seems as if this is premature. Full disclosure: I am not an Obama supporter. However, I would be happy for him to receive this award were it deserved. I don't think even those who think Obama "hung the moon" can make an argument that he's made any great strides towards World Peace. The Nobel committee risks losing the respect of this prize by making this nothing more than a political tool. It seems they are more concerned with chastising Bush and his policies rather than upholding the quality of the Peace Prize.

  • Heart Listener - 11 years ago

    Beautiful choice! Yes, in a short time, as the Nobel Committee states, Obama has completely changed the dynamics of conversations on the global, international and even personal levels. He holds no grudges because he deeply understands that we all really do want the same things so he keeps reaching out to people, even people who have 'done him wrong'.
    Most recently he invited the person who walked out on his Congressional speech over to play basketball! Heck, he should get a Nobel prize for that alone! How many people would do that? This consistant way of conducting himself hopefully will rub off on all our relationships--personal, national, international. The quality of the conversations we have with people around us determines the quality of our lives and applies to the international stage as well. Obama is demonstrating how people can get along with one another. That could bring us peace, however, we will have to give up our cynicism.

    To the 'pro-life' voter above, I ask you to consider if his way of 'doing business' will not save many, many lives. Not only will his policies bring more peace (very pro-life), I am convinced that he will pursue policies that reduce the number of abortions people have through intelligent policies around health care and sexual health.

  • ockraz - 11 years ago

    Perhaps they should call it the 'No-Accomplishment Peace Prize'. We're no further toward peace in Iraq than we'd have been with anyone else as president. (The troop withdrawals so far are the result of SoFA from the last administration.) We're not doing well in Afghanistan. I don't see any results from Obama's Iran policies (in fact things have gotten worse since he took office). We have not signed up to any international agreements or even passed any legislation on climate change. What is this?! I've actually lost respect for the prize. This is nothing but politics pure and simple.

  • mamamia - 11 years ago

    What!? This is a huge shock! I am not anti-Obama but this is a joke. I don't understand how he deserves this award. Am I missing something?

  • oaktree - 11 years ago

    What!?!? I haven't had a moment of peace since he was elected!!!!

  • kathy - 11 years ago

    He took office just 2 wks. before the nomination (or voting) deadline, how could he have had time to make an impact? I also do not like war, however humans cannot seem to live in peace. What a great world it would be.

  • alice c smith - 11 years ago

    Although I did not vote for him--since I am pro-life--I am hopeful that this prize will encourage President Obama, and all world leaders to work harder in the cause of peace--Nothing could be more environmentally sound. There are no losers when the goal is peaceful existence for the planet. May God strengthen Mr. Obama's resolve!! Alice

  • David Burke - 11 years ago

    Despite my delight, it seems a might early. On the other hand, the Nobel Prize is international and this year's award reflects the enormous respect and admiration the international community already has for Mr Obama, as well as the USA, again, as a global leader and country of possibility and positive, progressive change... an American expatriate in Oslo

  • Eugenia Hurme - 11 years ago

    Pres. Obama deserves all the support - including moral support - he can get. He takes risks that that which is good in men and women can prevail.

  • Sandra Litzenberger - 11 years ago

    Congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Hard work, intelligence, and clear values were recognized.

    May the media employ the same intelliegence in its reporting.

  • Emily Hess - 11 years ago

    War President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner are contradictions, though I support my president and would vote for him again today. I will never support war.

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