Did you removed your pictures after Reading this Article or Joining our Cause on fb ???

  • MARY - 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for the information....ALLAH BLESS !!!

  • Maia - 8 years ago

    Well,i'm not muslim, i tightly control my photos (usually stop at chin - not because i'm religious, i'm atheist, i just want people to see me as a human being not a wank-dolly) (which leads to the bizarre logic, that i wouldn't care if i was naked, provided i was repulsive-true) (and i hate my face except when i'm laughing and i can't laugh to order, so i have to wait until someone takes one when i'm not looking and snorting with laughter and then get a copy-lot of effort) and i'm fat, forty and have the world's most enormous orange teeth - i somehow don't think pornographers are going to steal my photo. But it's very socially responsible of you to share it. Did you know, which i didn't, that most dating sites steal profiles from other sites? It was on metafilter.com, so a search there should find it. I was shocked at that, because you're paying £20 a month or more! The only one that's free POF claim not to, but then the entire population's using the free one, obviously. Apparently there are lots of fake profiles of Russian girls on them too, for money scams, or the girls are real, but they think they're doing a different job when they're advertising sex. Strange world....

  • tabassum - 9 years ago

    thank u for informing us all ...brother.. .frm now on even if i load my pics on fb or orkut i ll remove them as soon as my parents and family hav seen them ..coz i live quite far frm them so cant avoid showing my pics to them ..i wud even make strict settings so tht only those whom i knw personally i.e my family only can see my pics ... i knew abt this prob b4 ..but not tht its dangerous to this extent ..and tht anyone can be affected..... thank u ... cant express in words how much benefit each one of us will gain by ur this good deed ... may Allah bless u with health and happiness... p.s ... i ll try to spread ur word too .. so tht its easier for u to achieve ur goal...

  • Amu - 10 years ago

    Alhumdulilah i hav removed my pic frm fb...Allah wil giv u reward...Thanx!!

  • Zahra - 10 years ago

    Brother, what about private albums? with security settings?

  • amna hassan - 10 years ago

    jazakaALLAH brother, u r doing a great job. i removed my pics from fb.

  • Saira Ahmed - 11 years ago

    JIZAKALLAH Brother Ive taken my profile picture off..

  • Sahra Ali - 11 years ago

    Alhamdulilah i never used my picture but thaught my baby's was ok but with the help of my brother }King Slave of Allah} i was able to understand and educated on general picture postin. JIZAKALLAH

  • Shainaz Farouk - 11 years ago

    yes,i agree with u.

  • Aatifa Hakim - 11 years ago

    i agree.

  • Shaky Hardy - 11 years ago

    wow reely great work maasha allah,alhamdhulillah

  • King Slaveofallah - 11 years ago


    I recently started taking votes about this (almost after 1 yr from publishing 1st Article"What is your Rate"),would like to know its really helped or not..If u have not voted before...vote it pls...

    and those sisters,who choose 2,3,4th option,if u need any help,you can get back to me.

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