Do you agree with the Page of Swords?


  • dixie - 12 years ago

    i got the page of swords in a celtic cross reading for the base of the matter. never questioned my integrity for one second. challenged the powers that were. 6 weeks later packed up said goodbye to business and clients. found myself 8,000 miles away with a job i never could have conceived of and 11 years later, retired, pension, ssi, a garden a fine cat a cosy cottage, sun in the morning, moon at night, squirrels bluejays, crows, redtail hawks, dragon flies, hundreds of trees , fresh air........soooo the other 9 cards flowed into the spread like a well written story, but that page of swords was the motivating factor above all else that led me into a future filled with love again thanks to my cat cara and my tarot is good again..

  • - 14 years ago

    Read the accompanying article!

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