Which is bigger? Awesome or Epic?

  • Nuno Ferreira - 11 years ago

    Have you ever tried a dictionary?
    Awe is a brief moment, an instant.
    Epic is a long story, an era.
    Epic contains awe, therefore epic is bigger than awe.

    «... an emotion ...»

    «... extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope ...»

    or, better still:
    «... of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an epic ...»
    being a poem a **set** of emotions, it can contain **awe**, but awe cannot contain epic.
    This proves, beyond any doubt, that **epic** is bigger than **awe**.

  • Ariejan - 12 years ago

    Besides, everything is relative. If everything is awesome, nothing is awesome. The things that are epic really stand out.

  • Ariejan - 12 years ago

    Unfortunately, you are wrong, Ludo. Not everything in life is awesome. Take death and taxes for example. When not everything is awesome, some things can be epic too (like Dream Theater playing live).

  • Ludo - 12 years ago

    Well, Ariejan, that is a very interesting theory, but it is wrong nonetheless. Combining the fact that "epic is used less frequently" and the fact that you believe that epic is bigger than awesome makes me wonder if you have ever noticed how awesome life is? You see, all in life is awesome! So, if all in life is awesome, how can something like epic be bigger than awesome? That just doesn't make sense.

  • Ariejan - 12 years ago

    Awesome is used when you see something that awes you. It's very nice and all, and happens quite often. However, when something is epic, it's a really, really big deal. Epic is used less frequent, because epic things are rarer (and of a larger magnitude) than awesome things. Therefore, epic is bigger than awesome.

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