What do you think of French Vogue's Controversial Photo Spread?

  • Lasha - 9 years ago

    MICHELL, DENNI, AND ERIC FIRST QUESTION ARE YOU ALL BLACK IF NOT THEN SHUT THE FUCKKKK UP AND IF U ARE BLACK IDK ( I DONT KNOW) Wat the hell going through your heads because that shyt is perplexing to younger african american girls and that is very lurdane of you to say that it is fashion to paint a white girl black instead of just hiring a black model so keep the BULLSHIT WERE ITS AT CAUSE WE DONT NEED OR WANT IT OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Laura - 11 years ago

    As an African woman, I think this is very offensive - at the moment, the world is very fragile and there is a lot of distrust, hatred and war going around. So I do not think that fashion needs to add any more controversy to a world that is already very sensitive. There are numerous beautiful women that could have been used without having to paint color onto anothers' skin and thus drawing attention to something as shallow as the skin colour. This is typical of the fashion industry that is so shallow and continually leaves well intentioned people with inferiority complexes relating to weight, sex and now race. A sad state of affairs indeed!

  • michel - 11 years ago

    I thinks it is art and not at all offensive...

  • Eric - 11 years ago

    The context is fashion, art!
    In my opinion there is nothing offending, no mockery, here. It just has to do with beauty and avant-garde.

  • Ousmane Tounkara - 11 years ago

    there are more beautiful Africans and African Americans super models to play this role. This is provocative and should not be down played in the name of creativity and innovation in the fashion arena.

  • denni - 11 years ago

    Its not offensive at all.

  • Hafiz Juma - 11 years ago

    what's the context?

  • Gilad Gabor - 11 years ago

    I think the editor or who ever was in charge of putting those photos up on vogue. was simply acting in a very "stupidly" manner to think it wont back fire some way. I am no fashion expert, But I doubt that black models paint their skin white and put it on magazine.
    Sad thing is I bet if they had white people would see it as a fashion statement. Which brings to mind the bleach skin cream from India if I am not mistaken, Whats that about?!
    Stick to the color you were born with and dont change it for no one, specially not fashion.

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