Songs I'd like to see The Dears play live: (Poll Closed)


  • Lewis - 11 years ago

    Above a Lake of Fire!!!

  • Alonso Hern├índez - 11 years ago

    Postcard from purgatory !!!!!! IT'S A VERY SO DAMN GOOD TRIP!!!! XD

  • Jeremy Riddell - 12 years ago

    I've seen you nine or ten times (Ive honestly lost count) in the Toronto area but now I live in Phoenix, AZ. I really hope you guys come visit and bring the megaphone for Summer of Protest. I miss the older songs you guys don't seem to play live anymore like She's Well Aware or Heathrow or Deathrow.

  • David (UK) - 12 years ago

    Gotta say, I'd love to hear Autonomy again - was fantastic when you played it at the Oxford Zodiac show

  • david - 12 years ago

    every morning I wake up, I gotta have some Howlin' before I start...

  • mike - 12 years ago

    We need more votes for Purgatoire!

  • Fraunk - 12 years ago

    Above a Lake of Fire /or/ High Above a Lake of Fire

    Is the write-in extra I included. Great song, really hope it doesn't get left in the past. It's currently only found on radio recordings and the Whites Only Party CD.

  • indie69 - 12 years ago

    I forgot halfmast, and here I am writing about it. Silly me.
    If you should come to Sacramento/Davis area, I would do anything to spread the word. What's left of radio, leaving flyers at what's left of the record stores, spread the word, write to the local alternative weekly. Whatever it takes!

  • Guy - 12 years ago

    Am i the only one that really can't stand 22: The Death of All Romance???

    Anywho...please come play NYC very soon and play Fear Made the World Go Round!

  • christian - 12 years ago

    Acoustic Guitar Phase, please. First time I saw you guys back in the day, that was the performance that cemented my appreciation for what you all do.

  • brodie - 12 years ago

    and half-mast!

  • Jeremy Riddell - 12 years ago

    Summer of Protest and Heathrow or Deathrow would be excellent additions!!!

  • ursula Y - 12 years ago

    Where is Autonomy????

  • notmuchtosay - 12 years ago

    I wish I could vote for Autotomy, too. :-)

  • bl Pawelek - 12 years ago

    I think some Summer of Protest would be in order!!

  • Brendan Corey Benson - 12 years ago

    Ballad of Humankindness. Wow.
    Missiles, the album, was amazing live in D.F. last year. I'm stoked for any new tracks coming our way.
    Best wishes.

  • sir ryan - 12 years ago

    I tried choosing them all, but it wouldn't let me. You guys can handle a marathon set, right?

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