Should everyone in the U.S. have access to affordable healthcare?


  • Jeffrey - 13 years ago

    Never before in my entire life have I heard as biased a poll question as this. Woman's Day should be ashamed of how nakedly biased this poll question was posed. What if another magazine had asked, "Should Communist inspired Socialistic forced health insurance reform be rammed down your throat while Congress members refuse to listen to their constituents majority opinion?" I guess it depends on how extreme the bias of the magazine editor is, eh? So much for the "fourth estate" (I doubt they even know what that is).

  • Joann Trawick - 13 years ago

    Of course everyone should have health care. But I agree that the way it's proposed to be done by those who are now passing laws is destroying our country and what we already have. We will no longer have the best medical care in the world. Where are the smart people?

  • Christine - 13 years ago

    Everyone has access to healthcare today. The 'key' words in your poll are 'affordable' and 'healthcare'. Affordable to one family might not be to another. Healthcare is different than health insurance. I learned years ago that you don't get something for nothing!! People who think the government owes them 'free' healthcare are just crazy!! I believe in smaller government and don't want this crammed down my throat. Millions of people are out of work in this country, small businesses are closing, but people still think the government is here to 'take care of them'. WAKE UP!! It's the government that has gotten us in the mess we are in. They keep spending and spending. They rob from Peter to pay Paul. Look at what these two parties have done to this country ... there is no difference between them. They want to spend and spend. We need someone who will get control and stop this insanity. Now they're talking about new space programs to Venus and Mars ... what healthcare program will they rob to make that happen?? And the bigger question is WHY, for what purpose?? There are other ways to reform healthcare in this country without destroying the best system of doctors/care in the entire world, that we currently have. If Washington is 'fixing' this problem, why aren't THEY willing to partake in it ... sign up their own families in it?? Doesn't that tell you something?? Are you really willing to destroy the healthcare system we have in this country for 16M people who don't bother to pay for it now because they choose not to?? I'm so tired of this 'feel good' ... 'if it saves one life' crap they keep cramming down us. If it's so critical to give healthcare to the small minority of those who don't have it available to them ... they can figure out a way of making it available to them without destroying the whole system for the rest of us. And one more thing ... if it's so important to have this reform, why are they waiting until 2013 to enact it?? Follow the $$$$$$$

  • Char - 13 years ago

    Get real people!! What this country needs is universal health care for all US citizens. We pay enough taxes to demand it!

  • Judi - 13 years ago

    Yes, but not if those who can afford it have to also support those who can't. ** Just very tired of supporting those who are able but will not even try to find work!

  • Diana Fahy - 13 years ago

    As much as I feel someone who makes $100,000 is the same as someone that makes $20,000 it still irks me to know that they could afford to buy insurance and the other person couldn't. If we choose healthcare for all then that is how
    it should be. I should be able to see the same Doctors and go to the same
    hospital but the difference being , is that I wouldn't have a bill collector hounding
    me for the remainder of the bill. I could get the medicine they could afford and not have to settle for second best. So my answer is YES because for all means for all.

  • Laura - 13 years ago

    Really? This is a poll stated like this? Come on, WD!! What kind of person would say that people don't deserve healthcare? This was a poorly written poll.

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