Here's what I think about the Palin parody:

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  • cjumper - 10 years ago

    I will read both--and both should be a hoot--but not directly buy either. I'm a big fan of the public library.

  • Cheryl in PA - 10 years ago

    I wouldn't own Rogue if they paid ME $9 to take it off their hands. I certainly won't part with my hard to come by $$ to read it - esp. not when I think about where the money goes. Now Rouge on the other hand - I WILL gladly pay for that, even if I never find time to actually read the book! It't all a matter of GP's.

  • Jessica Morton - 10 years ago

    Palin quit her job in Alaska, you know the one she was voted into by the people of Alaska. It was only for four years, but she threw in the towel because she though she was a lame duck. (she got that right) When the GOP old guard doen't back you and the McCain camp didn't think you're trainable only the wingnuts are left. Let's all get a clue.

  • phoebes-in-santa fe - 10 years ago

    I think at this point that "Rouge" is only sold through the publisher, OR Books, because I haven't seen it online at either or I assume it would sell pretty well if it was easier to buy. I went to the website at ORbooks and ordered it. I ASSUME that it may be a "print-to-order" book and the publishers will only print what they have orders for.

    At this point, "Rogue" is selling for $9.00 on, which is 69% off the regular purchase price. It's already hit the remainder bin.

  • FEDUP!!! - 10 years ago

    The only way 'Rogue' can beat 'Rouge' is if they are side-by side, and the 'Rouge' is more expensive than 'Rogue', IMHO. People will vote with their pocket books and the 'bots will not even know what hit them, since they cannot discern between the two titles...
    (Unfortunately, I don't believe that B&N will have the 'Rouge' one...)

  • Alaskan Sisu - 10 years ago

    Palin named her book appropriately. She can't get too close to anybody, she is very anti-social and it is not an accident that she finds herself in the right wing corner in broad daylight these days. This is a group that is comfortable having an iconic leader. Don't expect Sarah to spend much time with her followers, it doesn't fit into her personality.

    What a bunch her followers are, they don't even get her time of day and she still gets their adoration to the nth degree. It will remain to be seen if Murdock is still financing her but by the looks of things I don't think so.

  • Sunshine1970 - 10 years ago

    ...I wonder how many people are getting 'Rogue' and 'Rouge' confused...?

    (I almost did...)

  • Miss Demeanor - 10 years ago

    Buying Rogue to see what lies lie within.
    Looks like the Palinbots flooded this survey.
    When has Miss Quittypants EVER told the truth?
    Right before she gave all Alaskans a Three Thousand Dollar bribe last fall, she said "I'll never run for VP."

  • snowlady - 10 years ago

    I wonder how many people are buying Rogue to see what lies lie within.

  • Timm Myers - 10 years ago

    If Palin's book gets this kind of support (74%) on moderately left leaning NPR. It should do very well in the general populace. Looks like Letterman, SNL and the left stream media had better ratchet up their attack another notch.

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