Will Lil Wayne’s guilty plea hurt sales of his upcoming albums?

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    Hey he will sell more now that he is in jail, all the publicity he's gettin now from the news and every magizeen/newspaper in America. Also his music will be much more about the lyrics when he is in jail b/c instead of him partying all day then making his songs half-messed up, he will be stairing at a blank wall thinking, thinking, and thinking about music and lyrics. he will be more famous than ever and his music will be much better. Then agin he's already the best so i guess he will just raise the bar even more.

  • dhawk - 13 years ago

    man, son goin to sell if he was dead so stop hatin

  • brian - 13 years ago

    Never heard of the guy. Would not pay a nickel for anything he does. Should stop his "music" career and drive a truck for a living.

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