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Who do you blame for the Yankees Game 5 loss? (Poll Closed)

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  • Mike Garf - 14 years ago

    I was AT the game last nite and was amongst about 1,000 Yankee fans in attendance at Anaheim. BEFORE the game, I'm telling Yank fans around me--"Why is Swisher in this line up? He's been doing squat all series. Get Gardner in center, move Melky to right, and get Swisher's crappy, strike-out-a-lot, swing-at-bad-pitches bat OUT of the line up." It was sooooo predictable. When he got up with Cano on third during the 7th inning rally, I turned to my fellow fans and said, "If Swisher blows it again and this run was the deciding one, it'll serve Girardi right for keeping Nick Whiffer in there." And what happens? He gets out. Gets up in the ninth and pops up. The Yanks left 10 men on base and Whiffer left 40% of them. GET SWISHER OUT OF THE LINE UP. Gardner can't do worse. Here's hoping you read this WHIFFER!

  • sully - 14 years ago

    this feels like 2004 all over again...the angles only have to in the next game...then its down to game 7...I feel an a rod chke and a cc choke coming on...please tell me I'm wrong...I still doen't trust a a big game...

  • raymond gardinier - 14 years ago

    garadi sucks swisher sucks and hughs is a jerkoff throw off the plate wit a 1and2 count vald chashes it but swisher should be benched he is a BUM

  • George M - 14 years ago

    The game was lost by pitch selection to an aging and hurting Vladmir Guerrero. Why on earth either Posada or Hughes wanted a fastball with a 1-2 count to a guy who cannot lay off any pitch within a foot of the strike zone is beyond me. I know they wanted it up and in but of course Hughes misses and grooves it dead center. You throw Vladdy another curve like the one he had just flailed at and the Yanks are in the Series already. That was the worst call that I can remember. Basic stuff boys.

  • Brian - 14 years ago

    Girardi gets the huge portion of the blame pie because EVERYONE else understands that Burkett is a walking time bomb and should never have been brought out for the 7th inning. WTF, was Hughes thinking throwing a fastball down the pipe to Vlad!!!! He will chase anything, there was no reason to come close to the plate. As if nobody learned from Petitte in Game 3. And seriously can Girardi please take Swisher out of the line up already. Not only is an automatic out but he can't even be a productive out.

  • NNY Rule - 14 years ago

    I don't understand how you can blame anyone but Girardi. He is supposed to make sure everyone knows their role in the bull pen. He's got them confused. The Yankees have been trying to develop mid-relief closers to set up Mo. USE THEM effectively when you regain the lead in the 7th and know who is pitching well. Burnett was never on his game all night and once they got ahead, it should have been a no-brainer to come out with a fresh arm. Swisher has sucked this whole post season. It is up to the manager to recognize that (DAAAAAA) and put a pinch hitter in for him. Come on, Girardi has a whole bench of players and is supposed to know how best to use them. He has failed miserably ... both is selection and timing of making his moves.

  • fastfinger - 14 years ago

    When will Yankee hitters learn that hitting SINGLES and Doubles will wear down and demorilize the opposition. One pitch can always lead to a homer but repeated hits will always cause a momuntum swing and deflate the other team. Watch Yankee hitters in slow motion striking out or popping up . . . eyes seldom on the ball hitting bat - instead "eyes" on ESPN highlights! Bottom of 9th, bases loaded with full count -- WHY didn't the runner at third break for home during windup to distract pitcher a bit - - always works - but Yankees don't know how to run bases( Cano and Posada). Smart baseball will win and so far Yankees have not played smart in the loses.

  • northpark sandiego - 14 years ago

    Girardi shows time and time agian he does not konw how to manage the pitching--and he used to be a catcher. Bad case, CC has to pitch on Sunday and is not ready to start the series. Worst case he is going to manage the Yankees to watching the Phils beat the Angels in the WS. Get Mattingly and boot Girardi.

  • viv - 14 years ago

    What a wonderful night....I love seeing the Yankees lose...and I hope it continues

  • Matt Lee - 14 years ago

    I don't blame Girardi's decision in bringing Aj back, he was at 80 something pitches and he looked sharped from the 2nd inning on. can't blame girardi on this one. think about it, even if he doesn't bring aj in he was gonna bring in Hughes and he would have still handed the game to him because hughes had nothing and neither did joba.

  • Matt Lee - 14 years ago

    One last comment, why does Hughes shake off posada?? He is a veteran catcher who has 4 WS rings. You would think he knows more than hughes. Yes I understand it is the pitchers call to throw the pitch that he feels is most comfortable but C'MON NOW!!! did u see how ugly he made vlad look with that curveball before? why are you not gonna throw that same pitch? All I got to say is hughes needs to shut the fuck up and listen to posada who has seen the years of VLAD.

  • Dread - 14 years ago

    If the Yankees should win this series and the World series; Joe Girardi will go down as the worst manger every pull off such a stunt. His ability to throw games away when he has the opponent by the throat is unbelievable. The entire viewing public knew we would lose when he brought back AJ into the game after attaining the lead. Management such attach an electrical buzzer to his leg that's controlled by Yankees fans. His level of stupidity in calling the game, equals the voltage shock he gets. For this gaff; he gets a 220volt shock!!!!

  • Doris - 14 years ago

    I blame the million dollar players, their the ones with the bats in their hands.

  • Matt Lee - 14 years ago

    Ok gonna make this short and sweet. I don't why most people are blaming Girardi on Game 5. If anyone was watching the game and knows any baseball at all HUGHES is the one that lost the game for us. Nothing else needs to be said. I have lost major confidence in Hughes and Joba and I righ tnow put Robertson ahead of both of them. Mariano now needs to be the 8th and 9th inning guy pretty much. He can do it as long as his pitch count is acceptable. You CANNOT TRUST ANYONE ELSE WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE BESIDES MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My only criticism is why does Girardi pinch run guzman for AROD? arod is a good baserunner and if you REAAALLLLY think about it, lets say hypothetically Swisher finally gets his head out of his ass and gets a hit or walks in the 9th inning to tie the game. Who is gonna be the next three batters coming up in the 9th or next inning? I'll let you guys think about this one.

  • J. Forte aka Relocated "Yankee" in NC - 14 years ago

    I blame Hughes. He was on the mound. It was his game to win. This is baseball people. Good pitches can get hit. Let's focus on Saturday and not look back. Lingering blame is a distraction. Remember, we just want the Yanks to win! (most of us anyway)

  • Tony - 14 years ago

    I couldn't agree with you more. Let Robertson pitch ahead of Joba at least, I can see still goign to Hughes, but Joba is done for the year. He has nothing left almost looks burnt out. Bench Swisher and let Gardy play and bring a different look to this offense. If you need a homerun bat late in the game then let Swish pinch hit, but Gardner deserves a shot especially with the way Swisher is hitting or actually not hitting.

  • Nick - 14 years ago

    With the talent the Yankees have ,very few decisions have to be made by the Mgr.In this series Girardi was needed on two situations.He blew them both resulting in two losses.Swisher is struggling but his hits wouldn't be necessary if Girardi knew what he was doing.Casey Stengel didn't have a book to refer too.Girardi is a deer in headlights when he has to make a decision.

  • Paul - 14 years ago

    I blame them all but I especially blame Huges and Swisher. Hughes for the most part has been putrid the entire ALDS and ALCS. You can see that he has lost all confidence, every close up by the television cameras captures how scared he looks. Swisher---what a waste. It's the same old story with him, either strike out or pop up. He's another one who always looks lost in space. I say go to Robertson in the 7th and beyond, especially in tight situations. Hell even Gaudin is more poised. Bench Swisher, shift Melky to right and Gardner to center and let's wrap this damn thing up.

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