Should remaining Energy Points in Mafia Wars rollover?

Posted 9 years.


  • Tommy Brown - 9 years ago

    People that say they are not pay Players are just not telling the truth. Did they get their computer for free? Or pay for their internet service? I pay for God Father points because I can, simple as that! Plus there are a bunch of advantages to it too, for one an award plus all the special Loot you can purchase and there is no other way to get them either, so there.

  • Ron - 9 years ago

    i do buy god father points and although i use most to buy iterms i do use some to help level up and i hate it when i level up with still a couple of hundred points not used and i just lose them,it feels like i'm being robbed for real i paid money for my points and i'm being short changed when zynga just takes them,let them roll over or lower the price to buy them that way it wont taist so bitter when you nick them back.

  • Dmitri - 9 years ago

    Honestly, Zynga would make no less money. To your point, Stuart, I don't think really anyone pays to play. I'm sure there are a few, but Zynga isn't CONVINCING anyone to BUY points, and I know there have been times when I've had 1400 EP's and 15 exp until my next level. The only thing I could understand being a valid argument for Zynga not rolling over EP's, would be the amount of work and possibilities for lost points and other glitches in such an overhaul.

  • Stuart - 9 years ago

    Maybe it does cause Zynga to lose money and I'm not sure how many players actually pay to play, but I never will be one of those.

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