Would you pay around $1500 to do a week-long Jonathan Coulton cruise from Seattle to Alaska featuring entertainment from him and his entertaining friends?


  • Alina - 14 years ago

    We are poor! Just because you were a code monkey making dough doesn't mean your fans all are! Give us a poor person price...lol. Why don't you do it like on Titantic and we can all be drunk in the bottom!

  • Bix - 14 years ago

    Will Molly be there?

  • Duntada Man - 14 years ago

    I would gladly give up food for this for an extended period of time, but if you can get that as a per room deal, so we can take one other person with us at that cost I would appreciate it.

    If you do this, I'm getting tickets anyway.

  • Katie - 14 years ago

    I totally would, but I am currently under 18 and broke.... otherwise, I really would like too. :)

  • JohnnyW606 - 14 years ago

    I chose no for some other reason.... and that reason is simply that i'm English, and it would mean paying for flights there and back as well as the cruise, and while my love of Joco is huge, my bank balance is not......

    Which i have always thought is a shame, but no one will change it for me.

  • Jerrad N. - 14 years ago

    I didn't want to vote for the "Too expensive" option because I honestly believe it isn't, but I'm not in a financial position to actually be able to afford it. Yay, economy. :/

  • Ringwraith - 14 years ago

    I'm Australian, so that makes it a little hard. Also, as a student I could not afford that even if it was in Australia.

  • glen gravel - 14 years ago

    i live on vancouver island /// so no i'd rather sail myself /// and listen to the music i and my entertaining friends play

  • hobo8675309 - 14 years ago

    but, if it had they might be giants...

  • hobo8675309 - 14 years ago

    man, i wish i had that much moolah.

  • C. S. - 14 years ago

    Unfortunately being stuck in the UK both Seattle and Alaska are too far for me. But I hope it goes well! :)

  • tCope - 14 years ago

    Absolutely! In fact, my fiancee and I are getting married next June, and we're heavily considering it for our honeymoon. It's at the top of our list. If it happens, that is...

  • incredibleflameboy - 14 years ago

    I would but id have to travel from the UK. do it here though and youve sold a ticket or 3. My daughter would love to see you but at 2yrs old she wont be allowed into the tunnels in bristol and a cruise would be a nice break away for her

  • CrazyBaconLegs - 14 years ago

    Man, I'd love to come, but unfortunately I am a starving engineering student, and cannot give up the time or money to attend.
    Besides, I don't have a passport. :(

  • Harley - 14 years ago

    I would love to, but that means I have to come from Australia to America, then pay for the cruise on top of my plane ticket. Also, I'm currently 17, and turning 18 in September. Will underage JoCo fans be able to enjoy such a breathtaking experience, or will I have to bring out my time machine again?

  • Bob - 14 years ago

    You have priced yourself out of my reach. I was happy to spend $20 to see you at Union Hall, and invite my friends [who had never heard of you] to come along, and figured that was a pretty good payday for you.

    I'll find some new artists to support now. Thanks for all the music, and good times.

  • Karin - 14 years ago

    I love this idea and my husband and I are really really be interested. Could this be a family friendly event during the day? I know some cruise lines have kid activities and childcare available for evening...could this be an option?!?

  • Joey Buzzsaw - 14 years ago

    I, like many others, think that the cost is too much to come up with in such a short amount of time. Preferably, the cost should be lowered by at least $300, also, because I live in Connecticut, so there's also the issue of airfare to Seattle, as well. In addition, it should be 2011 at the very earliest to account for those of us who would do anything, but just need time to come up with the cost of admission.

  • Melnell - 14 years ago

    I live in Southeast Alaska (JUNEAU) and would love you to have a concert here... There is a University here and a "convention hall"


  • Morgan - 14 years ago

    We live in Seattle. The wife has always wanted to do an Alaska cruise, and we both love JoCo, so this would be right up our alley. I am squirreling away money so that, if this happens, the financial impact shouldn't be too cringe-inducing.

  • opus13 - 14 years ago

    My first instinct is to vote "Absolutely!" but we've already done a week long cruise from Seattle to Alaska which we enjoyed but we don't need to go twice.

    How about a cruise from San Diego to Mexico?

  • footnotegirl - 14 years ago

    I would totally do it if it was Caribbean, but Alaska? I live somewhere cold already, I go warm places for vacation.

  • Luke M - 14 years ago


    I love cruises, have done this route and had an amazing time, and am super excited about the whole idea. Sign me up (and the wife and kid)!

  • winegeek - 14 years ago

    I voted "No, other reason." Sorry JoCo, but not even YOU could get me to go on a cruise. Very slow and sedate form of travel. Being stuck with a fixed itinerary is just not my idea of a fun way to spend a week.

  • Laura Foley - 14 years ago

    Oh, if only I could afford it I'd go in a heartbeat. I think it's a fair price, just not in my budget.

  • Kerrin - 14 years ago

    I went on a cruise once, and wasn't keen, but I like the idea of a JoCo holiday. But the last 3 days sound boring.

  • Scott - 14 years ago

    I should point out that when i say "too expensive", i mean "too expensive for me". If i had the $1400 to blow then i do honestly believe it might be worth it, but sadly i do not, nor will i anytime in the foreseeable future.

  • JimO - 14 years ago

    have done the Seattle to Alaska cruise 5 times and would love to make it 6

  • Melissa - 14 years ago

    I would absolutely love something like this. I think it would be so much fun. But unfortunately, I can't see myself having the extra money to go. It wouldn't matter, really, if the price was cheaper either because there's no way I could afford even the cheapest cruise. Income about equals bills these days, with not much left over.

  • kristen - 14 years ago

    I think it's actually a pretty reasonable price for what it takes to run that kind of thing, because it's not cheap to set up such things, and because JoCo deserves to make a living off such shenanigans.

    However - not to go all geektastic on you, but the environmental impact of cruises in general and of Alaska cruises in particular can be seriously heinous. If you are going to do it, try to find a cruise company that gets higher grades for environmental responsibility so you're not personally buggering the whales, YKWIM? None of them get "A"s but a lot of them get "B" or "B minus" grades while a lot of them get "F" grades. You can Google it for more info (or contact me if you want my Google-fu to find it for you.)

    And if you decide NOT to do it consider a nice week or weekend at a hoity-toity retreat somewhere with the same concept. I've set up such things and you can do them anywhere in the world with a bit of advance planning - and I'm sure a lot of landlubbers would be all over it.

  • Phil - 14 years ago

    Folks, the price quoted here is not so bad. Most Alaskan cruises cost more than this.

    My response to the Coulton is: why not make it 2011? That way everyone can start saving, if the cost is the issue.

  • Nikki - 14 years ago

    I would LOVE to, but funds tend to be a little limited while one spends their time full time at a university..

  • Josh - 14 years ago

    Do it on the East coast.

  • Ewan - 14 years ago

    IFF GrooveLily (and preferable Paul & Storm) are also there: sure.

  • Shay Wilson - 14 years ago

    Would love to go, but 1500 is a lot when you think you also have to get airfare to get to the embarkation port... Oh and slightly unrelated note you should totally play some events in Alaska we're starved for decent enertainment here. I live in Juneau Alaska (a common stop for the cruises). Please do it, try to lower the price point and I'll be try my hardest to be there.

  • MarcyT - 14 years ago

    I would love to go but couldn't go without my family and that would be too expensive for us. But for those who could go, I bet it would be great!

  • Rick - 14 years ago

    Not in the Summer of 2010, but the late Summer of 2011 and you'd have a family of four there.

  • brandon - 14 years ago

    I voted it was too expensive, but the reality is if I had a spare 1500 bucks sitting around, I'd be the first to sign up. I just don't have 1500 bucks for a cruise.

  • TomR. - 14 years ago

    JoCo, this would be pretty cool, 'cause both my wife and I have expressed a desire to cruise Alaska, this would be something special that I think we could spring for. The cost is a little steep, but what price can ya put on memories?

  • Barbara - 14 years ago

    Would like to go. I will even have the summer off (June & July) but not sure about finances right now. Between cruise plane fair & other expenses might run me more like 3K.

  • Tyler Francis - 14 years ago

    The price is right, and it sounds like a great time, I just don't have the money.

  • Jake - 14 years ago

    I love the concept, and the price is not out of the question. My problem is, Summer would be too close to my current Cruise in march. Can only take so many cruises close together. The wife and I are definitely in the market for that cruise route thought, and a week of JoCo on top of it would be awesome.

  • Rich - 14 years ago

    My problem with cruises is the environmental impact. It takes a lot of fuel to move those giant boats.

  • vampandora - 14 years ago

    It sounds wonderful but we have a 5yr old son (who is a HUGE fan) and couldn't take the cruise w/out him, too long to go away. So, if it's during a break from school and kid-friendly, i'd love it! It is pretty pricey though.

  • Worlebird - 14 years ago

    Would consider it if I were single, but as it is - I doubt I could justify it to the wife.

  • Jack F - 14 years ago

    Since you're using a creative commons license, there's a way for us to take the cruise without paying, right?

    I'll consider doing going once I hear the details, but the cost of airfare to get to Seattle will probably be the deal breaker.

  • Diana - 14 years ago

    In 2010 no. In 2012 yes!

  • Isaiah - 14 years ago

    yeah, dude, how do you come to that total? cruises are not normally that expensive, even when they're specialty cruises. I could visit a foreign country for a while with that kind of money. or buy a new computer. I love you like an amazing uncle I never had...but man, that's an investment. not to say it wouldn't be amazing.

    it'd be cheaper to just kidnap you and keep you as my basement music slave.

  • Jetti Marie - 14 years ago

    i voted that its too expensive, but thats only because im a poor college student.
    if i could afford it, i SO would go.
    make it cheaper. haha

  • Tabbyfoo - 14 years ago

    I wish I had enough disposable income to spend a couple grand on a cruise with you and your geek cadre, but alas... I do not.

  • geeksplosion - 14 years ago

    Is that price 'per couple'? Because if it's not....HOLEEE FREAKING CRAP! I love JoCO as much as any fan, but come on! Try cutting that price to closer to 1K and I'm in (and my wife).

  • Moses - 14 years ago

    I'd call that a definitely if it weren't for the fact that my employment situation is unknown that far out. Wonder how many other folks out there are in a similar scenario.

  • @elizardbeth - 14 years ago

    I think I'm one of your brokest fans, although I think it's possible the price is reasonable. I think the probability of meeting cool people would be extra high on that trip. Major selling point!

  • Kristina - 14 years ago

    Have the Rifftrax guys come too plz

  • Matthew - 14 years ago

    I can find a number of cruises that are about a week long, departing from Seattle and going to Alaska, for around $600-750. Are tickets to your shows usually $500-700? If not, how do you reach $1500?

    I'd think you would be able to work out a better price with a cruise line for something like this.

  • jewlie - 14 years ago

    "No, that's too expensive"

    Though the desire is there (strongly!)

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