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Posted 10 years.


  • iPad Data Recovery - 9 years ago

    its was very nice and easy

  • devils - 10 years ago

    if u had worked with or followed microlimp as long as I have, it is abundantly obvious all they concentrate on is pandering with grfx. Observing the pervasive marketing, microlimp will be discoursing (vaguely) about technical aspects of a product and suddently switch to subterfuge by way of changing the subject to all about the nice broders and colors you can 'personalize' by given component with, and then proceed to divert you down that path and throw in technical aspects as if they invented them and saved the world by doing so.

    I not only dislike the MORE smoke and mirrors of win 6.5 (7) but has no technological benefits for gaming in the least.

    46" of samsung series 5 real estate and microlimp the scrwup can not fill the screen after hours of various drivers and tries win7 is business crap as usual.

  • k20 - 10 years ago

    I didnt really like was that i could not upgrade from Windows Vista home premium to Windows 7 Professional. Just dissapointed over to install it in a different partition and most of the drivers were not found like my camera, infared logon, finger logon sensor and many more

  • Scott O. - 10 years ago

    I have had a great experince with installs and upgrades. So far, I've upgraded 1 XP laptop, 2 Vista desktops and about 6 or 7 clean installs to Windows 7..

    I have my install down to 15 minutes via USB Flash. My main workstation installs in around 9 minutes because of the install media (ISO on USB, installed to 6x15k SAS RAID 10 on an LSI controller). To make the install-to-desktop even faster (5 minutes!?) I may slipstream some updates, and I may look at updating some systems to SSD.

    I feel sorry for some of the people who say they are having problems--since this has been the cleanist and easiest operating system I've ever had the pleasure of installing to date. But I'm sure most are due to proprietary systems ( Dell, HP, et al) or thrid-party vendor driver development (or lack thereof); so I wouldn't beat your heads against the wall too much. Or atleast start making those companies share some of your pain.

    But, that pity quickly subsides when I see commentors whose experince would be better if they took more time reading/learning; like Bryan.

    To Bryan: I would suggest get more familar with Computers in general before offering advice, or maybe even before making major system changes...

    -How does digital river have anything to do with the Windows 7 install process? Microsft marketing and didgtal river may be at fault for the distribution of the media, but I fail to see how your(or anyones) windows 7 install experince is compromised..

    To anyone following Bryan's advice or insight:

    1- There is no way to make a OS( with or without a registry) patch/update from 32bit to 64bit without some corruption. Since this is a possible outcome, you can see why a clean install is obvious. It's the same reason databases ( and their administrators) back up before ever upgrading any connected systems.

    2. 64bit OS are NOT "faster" in terms of day-to-day performance or overall raw performance than a 32bit OS. Yes, a 64bit OS needs a 64bit Processor, but you completly ignore what type of program and in what enviornment it was compiled. There are definitely benefits to 64bit OS: like larger address spaces for programs that can use lots of memory(2+GB), removing PAE limitations (Physical memory), larger memeory capacity (128GB+), increased inherent security due to larger memory, etc.; but raw speed is not one of them.

  • glenn thomas - 10 years ago

    upgraded 32 bit vista to 32 bit 7 on Vaio vgn-fw190 dual core 2.8gighz clockspeed. Wouldn't recognize Acronis True image home 11 which I used to backup Vista with. Tried 3 times to install from pre-ordered disk - told me to uninstall Kaspersky anti virus in control panel. Only trouble is I don't have Kaspersky loaded (I'm PC idiot) so I had to call India? Got a very patient young techy that uninstalled a bunch more programs, through remote control, that weren't listed on the first uninstall message and lo & behold the disk started to load after only about 1 1/2 hours on the phone. Then after only 3hrs 40 min got a good install. I am greatly satisfied with this tech support experience, except ime required (lot of time waiting on computer to cycle). Tried twice to back up after install and got "backup failed" msg both times - there is two files on the external hard drive now but are they good? Don't know and don't know how to find out. Also, auto hide of taskbar does not always work, intermittent. so far , am happy camper!

  • James E Braquill - 10 years ago

    I presently use W Vista Ultimate, and I tried W7 Enterprise and W7 Ultimate. The W7 versions were a deception for me. Although they run more perfect with fewer resources and more security, they graphics sharper, the W7 is unhelpful after all. For example, its logos are not too attractive, there not exist any Email software (e.g. Windows Mail) of W7 or free media visualizing and so on. Of long standing solutions and arrangement of Vista are missing (for example, the startup menu, network connection panel). Furthermore, the local and internet connection icon in the taskbar is static. An many other "new" W7 solutions ...

    Summary, I believe that the top OS of Microsoft is the Vista, and it will be for ever. The Microsoft ended up his historical mission since the W7 confirm that this firm cannot renew really.

    In my opinion, other OS (e.g. Google's) will satisfy the newer needs in the future, and not but the Linux or Microsoft's OS-s.

  • testy - 10 years ago

    I installed Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium over Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate RC and it went flawlessly in about an hour. I maintained my Linux partitions while I did a custom install and then deleted the partitions later through Windows 7 (since the boot manager was hosed by the Windows 7 installation). I'll just install Linux again if I feel like it.

    I'm noticing a distinct improvement in performance, BTW, between the RC and final version of the software, particularly in the built-in Intel video drivers. It looks like Microsoft did some code optimization prior to final release.

    @Deac: I'm not sure what native applications you're looking for, but you can easily install a series of applications through Windows Live Essentials (Windows Update) if you're looking for basic e-mail, document creation, etc. Just use the check mark and go!

  • Ed from Texas - 10 years ago

    Well, strictly speaking, I'm still in the process of upgrading. I had Vista 32, so I backed up my data and ran the easy transfer utility to do a clean install of W7 64.

    The install itself went fine and easy transfer restored my docs and settings. But, I've been fighting with two major bugs that I eventually had to work around:

    1. As I had to do with Vista, I finally had to disable UAC in order to get "permission" to sync my Ipod. Made sure to download Itunes 9 for 64 bit and that part went fine. Whenever I would try to sync with my Ipod, it would pop up that I didn't have sufficient access. After a lot of time trying to fix permissions on my music, I eventually gave up and killed UAC. All is well now.

    2. NVIDIA + AERO GLASS = blue screen. W7 updated the Nvidia driver for me to the current version (191.07). Every time I would open or move a window, the screen flashes black and comes back up. A bubble at the bottom tells me that the kernel mode video driver crashed, and was recovered. Eventually, it wouldn't recover and I'd get a blue screen. Never had blue screens with Vista. Finally disabled the "Glass" portion and it has been stable since.

    Hours of online research into both of these lead me down a lot of dead ends and no real solutions. So, I've had to neuter W7 a bit in order to get it to work.

  • Sachin - 10 years ago

    I upgraded from XP to Windows 7. It had to be a fresh install. Installation completed in 20 mins and was very smooth and lighting fast..i had made up bootable DVD which is not a daunting task as a few users are complaining. Upgrading was easy and windows 7 installed most of the drivers except the video drivers which i installed from the XP drivers that shipped along with it. surprisingly it worked..its a big n nice change from XP but if u r upgrading from Vista, Windows 7 is just an improved version of Vista. There are not many things u will find in 7 that will surprise you if u are accustomed to Vista.
    i was expecting more out of it... but yeah its good i guess, not excellent but good..

  • Bruce M - 10 years ago

    Installed windows 7 64bit on 2 Dells. A desktop and a laptop. Desktop went very smooth with no problems. Major problems with the laptop. Windows 7 does not find the 8x dvd drive, even tho it was installed with this drive. Tried flashing new firmware for the drive. New Bios update. Newchipset update. Nearly 4 hours with Microsoft tech support on the phone and it is still not seeing the DVD drive. They finally said call Dell or reinstall Vista.

  • jdbloke - 10 years ago

    Thought I had a major problem when my upgrade from Vista stopped half way through, only showing a blank screen and cursor. Nobody from Microsoft was able to help but I found out in a forum that it could be because I still had my HDMI connected. Unplugged it and installed fine. Very happy with Win 7 so far!

  • Ken Weiss - 10 years ago

    I installed Windows 7 over the weekend and had absolutely no problems. All my hardware interacted well with the OS.

  • John - 10 years ago

    Vista 32 was horribly slow and ruined my PC user experience for the past two years, but upgrading to Win7 64-bit has made everything faster, better, and much more enjoyable. Transferred all my files to external hard drive. Performed a clean install and had Win7 64-bit running in less than an hour. Loaded up my favorite programs (lost my disc for Quicken, but the download from Amzn was only $29 to replace. Office installed and authenticated quickly and easily. My laptop is so fast and useable now! Have one problem with Norton Internet Security 2010 -- keeps saying "fix now" because it needed a quick scan, but I've done 7 quick scans and it still won't stop saying "fix now." Guess I'll just ignore it.

  • Rob - 10 years ago

    The upgrade from Vista x64 to Windows x64 took a LONG time. However, unlike most other MS upgrades, it seems to have done it very well. I cannot detect any problems, dare I say it seems to be working even better?

  • CSA - 10 years ago

    No complaints thus far. A clean install RARELY requires driver installs/updates. When installing for a client we always backup their data prior to doing an upgrade (better safe than sorry). So far so good. Much better than Vista.

  • Deac - 10 years ago

    Not awful, not great. The process was extremely slow, but in the end I got a functional computer with Windows 7 on it.

    The drivers are still a nightmare. My machine is only a year old and switching to 64 bit Windows 7 left me with horrid video performance. Re-installed everything to 32 bit Windows 7 and now I can at least view video.

    Still issues with Windows native drivers fighting graphics drivers. Still an unreal number of icons in the Control Panels directory. Surprised at the lack of any native Windows applications to compete with what you get in OSX.

    Boot times started off great but are slowing after a few days. Laptop still doesn't sleep/wake consistently. Wireless performance still spotty with older wireless routers as in Vista.

    Jury is still out... Better, but not the panacea described by the advertising rush. Still nowhere close to OSX.

  • Shawn Dias - 10 years ago

    Piece of cake install in 30 mins. Upgraded from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 Professional 32bit.

  • Cal - 10 years ago

    Windows 7 pro is installed and working great. My computer had problems running Vista 64 home version. The computer would lock up on re-boot, sleep mode did not work etc.

    Installing Windows 7 pro version required a clean install so I made a backup using windows backup. Started Saturday evening at 8:00pm and it finally finished Sunday afternoon. It was backed up to a USB drive.

    The install of windows 7 makes a copy of all user settings and files under the subdirectory "windows.old" so I didn't have to use the backup from the USB drive.

    All programs had to be reinstalled and the data imported.

    I like having a fresh install instead of an upgrade since it cleared out all of the junk.

    I am happy with Windows 7 pro so far.

  • jim - 10 years ago

    downloaded windows 7 fine on two pc's only one thing wrong my hp desktop will not shut down without using the power button. microsoft says its a hardware problem with hp. waiting for a fix from hp.

  • Dan K - 10 years ago

    Upgrading from XP Pro 32bit to Windows 7 Pro 64bit took 20 minutes to install and was easy. I did have to re-install my programs one by one, but now that I can image my drive, I'm very excited about not having to worry about that anymore. My biggest fear was running into a bunch of conflicts that escaped the Windows 7 Advisor, but I haven't run into any issues at all. I also thought performance would be an issue as the newer OS could require more horsepower, but if anything, it runs better than before. Wow, who woulda thunk it?!?

    Bravo Zulu!

  • Ron - 10 years ago

    Windows 7 was very easy to install. In fact I left the computer for about an hour and when I returned home Windows 7 was up and running. Some of the other people say it took hours. What Operating System where they installing?
    If you have everything ready to go before installing a O.S. it should not be painful. I suggest backing up all your drivers to a USB Drive. The program I use to do that with is Driver Magician Lite. If you find some of your drivers won't work with Windows 7, try the Vista Drivers. You might be surprised. They do work.
    This is the first time I have ever installed a O.S. without waiting at least a year. I had the chance to try Windows 7 for over two months and loved it. Maybe, just maybe Microsoft finally did something right and we have a good working Operating System??
    If anyone has problems installing Windows 7, send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help.

  • Brian Miller - 10 years ago

    Did a clean, virgin install - on two (2) 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machines. Each one went on flawlessly. I then restored all of my backed-up data and now both machines are good to go! Great OS! Windows 7 Rocks! We already have W7-32 bit installed at our office and its running circles around our few remaining XP machines. No one wants to use XP after they get a taste of W7 . . .

    Only caveat -- make sure you've got sufficient hardware / drivers for 64-bit

  • Tim Gore - 10 years ago

    I can't believe I paid $120 for an imitation OS X.

  • Dre - 10 years ago

    yea took me all day student upgrade didnt work turns out cant do a 64 bit custom install in a 32 bit environment so i had to create a new .iso file and create a boot disk didnt kno i could do that till about 9 pm after i made the purchace at 930 am at least im running 64 bit now but a stinkin quirk from vista came over with currupt registry files i got that fixed after talkin to a technician haha idk what peopl are talkin about only diff i see with this from vista is it not as big a memory how damn thing runs the same want my $30 back nah 741 n im the one win 7 rocks still took mw forever to install oh an i had to burn 3 damn dvd's 3

  • Jesse - 10 years ago

    Nightmare. First it tells me ERROR CODE 0X7E BLAH BLAH AND A DU.DLL BLAH BLAH NOW I HAVE TO CRASH SORRY HUMAN. After I fix that, then it says I have to unistall iTunes and update some controller. Not my job, Microcrap! Why don't you do the work? It's iTunes for crisssake and I don't care about controllers. Anyway I did that and then it goes about its updating until the blue screen of death comes up for no reason. Now I'll try it again and when it fails after making me wait for another 30 minutes I'll have to play tech troubleshooter dork and figure out what the hell is wrong for the third or fouth time. This is my Sunday and I don't want to waste it waiting for Crashysoft to unf*ck itself. Jesus.

  • Bob - 10 years ago

    Went to the microsoft windows7 website @ 9pm on !0/22/09. The Download Manager was not available so I downloaded the 3 files, an exe and two box files.
    I chose the upgrade (from Vista) and about two hours later the windows 7 screen came up. while loading the taskbar, a blue screen appeared and my
    pc was hosed| After 36 hours of trying to relaod Vista from my system recovery disk and support from Microsoft (which was excellent), Vista booed up. However, it was a clean instll of Vista so all my files and programs were deleted.
    I returned to the Window7 download site; this time teh Downlaod Manager was available. Everything was smoothly teh second time (I chose a clean install) and Windows 7 booted up successfully. I then reinstalled my backup
    files and programs. Quite an experience - 60 hours on and off!

  • Connor - 10 years ago

    install went perfectly. no problems, took about an hour, and the only thing i had to reinstall was my WiFi driver (i think it got corrupted during the upgrade)

  • MA250 - 10 years ago

    Ugrage Vista 64 Ultimate on a Sony Vaio VGN-AW150. This laptop is loaded Adobe CS4 Production Preium, Pinnacle HD Studio, Vegas Pro 9 and many other programs of simular nature. I perform an upgrade, and it went pretty smooth. Only needed to reinstall Pinnacle and Itunes and a few other small sony specific apps for the laptop. The upgrade took about 2 hours, as this machine is loaded with many programs. After the install I loaded new versions of Reg Mech, Spyhunter and Norton 2010. All programs run as before. Running the Reg Mech cleaned up about 80 dll. Also ran a disk frag after upgrade. Running an upgrade Vs a clean install saved me many hours of re-installation of programs as well as save all my project links and renders. I was happily surprised the upgrade went so well.

  • djg - 10 years ago

    Install was easy if you do not count the fact that the required drivers for a Sony VAIO VGN-NR160 notebook are missing. I did a clean 32 bit upgrade. I can do without some of the drivers. The one driver I have spent a lot of search time is the Sony Alps Pointing Device (touchpad). Windows 7 is not ready.

  • Wayne - 10 years ago

    Never could get the upgrade of Windows 7 64bit to Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit to install.
    Tried many times, let it go one time over night, still wouldn't load. Other times let it run for over 4 1/2 hours still it would only go to 62% then go in a constant loop. That's where it always stops.
    Had run the Windows 7 adviser and there were no conflicts.
    When Vista came out, I installed it on at least 10 computers without a hitch. It appears that Microsoft is going backwards.
    Will give it a couple weeks and if Microsoft still doesn't have the problem fixed, I will backup everything and try a clean install (Which I shouldn't have to do) If that doesn't work I will have a very expensive coaster and a Microsoft bad attitude.

  • b pass - 10 years ago

    just like a LOT of people seem to be having problems with, upgrading from vista 32 bit to 7 64 bit with the student download was impossible without third party support. Is Microsoft really that ignorant to not test their installers before charging everyone and sending them out?

  • Moe - 10 years ago

    Easiest OS installation to date! I LOVE WINDOWS 7! User interface is phenomenally easy and sexy at the same time! Definitely what Vista should have been

  • Runningonempty - 10 years ago

    I installed Windows7 Home Premium from Vista Home Premium as an Update (I had previously ran Windows7 Upgrade Advisor) and the installation was very easy and straightforward.

    HOWEVER, I still have one big problem, Windows Live Mail. My Win7 version (Europe) does not have an email programme but there would be no problem in downloading another programme, so I downloaded Windows Live Mail, so far so good.

    Despite being told that I could then transfer all my previous Windows Mail folders from Vista, so far I have not been able to do this using the File option.

    I have looked at several forums on this subject but have still not found the answer.

    Any ideas? I was told that Microsoft will be issuing a patch/hotfix to address this problem, does anyone have any definite information about this?

    I had a lot of emails that I wanted to keep as well as an extensive address book which is also lost at present.


  • gigadybeat - 10 years ago

    i love it very customizable not one complaint coming from vista i just want to hug bill gates, finally able to get rid of internet explorer for those who dont even use it. super bar is very handy. I also came upgraded from ubuntu 9.04 whitch i always told my self ill never go back to windows but windows seven in my opinion is the best os ever made

  • Donna - 10 years ago

    My computer has no windows now I had vista 64 ,after the download I have nothing have to contact microsoft tomorrow because they were closed today I was informedI could always go back to vista well where is it ,I have no windowsat all

  • ronak - 10 years ago

    windows 7 is just useless...
    stick to ur xp or vista

  • nathan - 10 years ago

    I am a student and i pre ordered windows 7 for 29.99 and got the disc. I have not received the disc yet is that normal?
    e-mail reply

  • Dennis - 10 years ago

    Upgraded from 64bit Vista Home Premium to 64bit Windows 7 Professional. Did not expect that Windows 7 would not proceed with a true upgrade leaving programs and files intact. Had to make a clean install. Fortunately, all programs and files were either backed up or readily available. Dell BIOS requires a selection of OS to be made upon booting...kind of a pain. Otherwise, Windows 7 is very fast, opens programs and files quickly.

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    Installed perfectly. No problems whatsoever. Went from 32bit Vista to 32bit 7.

  • mikeys501 - 10 years ago

    would not see mt new i7=860 cpu failed install.

  • Tom Hernandez - 10 years ago

    Installed windows 7 Ultimate upgrade 64 bit. Was originally using Vista 64 which I hated. New computer is a Dell Studio xps, with 6 gig of DDR 3 memory, intel i7 920 processor. Install was easy with no problems encountered during the install. Win 7 seems to be holding its own so far.

  • JN - 10 years ago

    You need two separate polls - one for moving from Vista to 7 and other from XP to 7. I have two separate responses. XP was and still is miserable. MS gave up and said I needed a driver from HP or NVIDIA. HP said too bad, your PC is out of warranty. PAY US if you want a driver. The NVIDIA driver for W7 at their site crashes my card. Got things working only after removing my NVIDIA 7900 card, checking for updates yet again. This time it found one for the built in ATI video. Reduced graphic quality, but it runs and I no longer am looking at giant icons that made the PC look like it was running in safe mode. Also didn't like the fact that when MS support took over my PC in sharing mode, my pc went blank so I could not see what they were doing. Then my PC still didn't run - and worse than before they had it. Had to physically remove the hardware settings (via battery removal and F1 setup). XP upgrade is a nightmare!!!!! Vista upgrade was a breeze!!!!

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    My experience wasn't brilliant. It may have been partly my fault or partly the fault of my (nearly new) laptop, but for some reason, after backing up all my files to an external hard drive, formatting the internal hard drive and repartitioning into two drives from three, the Windows 7 install program stated categorically that it could not find the partition that it had just made?! I reformatted, rebooted, beat my brow and paced around until I noticed a boot up option on my laptop's splash screen to 'Multiboot' (F12); after pressing this, hey presto, the installation sprang to life! I had no intention of running my old Vista OS alongside Windows 7 but that appears to be what it needed. Whatever happened, Vista is no longer showing as an option.

    I like the look of Windows 7 and the desktop features are useful; I was under the impression that Windows 7 used noticeably less memory but my disk seemed to be working overtime all the time...which it didn't appear to under Vista. After a bit of trimming down of software, things have improved but I'm yet to be completely convinced.

    As for delivery, I was amazed when I received my DVD from PC World on my doormat on the 20th! I thought the software wasn't even released until the 22nd?!

  • SanH - 10 years ago

    Great relief with Windows 7 after suffering and battling with Vista. True that my laptop is a little out of date, but resource requirements were much less and everything works faster (it used to take 15 minutes to be ready to use with Vista!). Just need to give application softwares to update to compatible versions, but so far have found no serious problems with basic soft.

  • Blayne - 10 years ago

    The digitalriver download was a huge pain in the butt. Rather than giving an ISO, it came as an .exe accompanied by two .box files. I was replacing 32bit Windows Vista with 64bit Windows 7, and the 64bit exe couldn't startup in 32bit windows. To make it all work, I had to download the Windows Automated Installation Kit, execute one of its programs via command line, and have it build the ISO for me from the extracted downloaded files. Then, this ISO had to be burned to DVD. Once all of that was done, I was left with a bootable DVD that I could boot to and install Windows 7 from. An hour or so later, I had Windows 7 up and running, and the built in drivers left made everything functional on my Dell Vostro 1400 except the touchpad scrolling. Dell doesn't have 64bit drivers for the Vostro 1400, but the touchpad drivers for a different model did the trick. I also found the Nvidia 8400GS 64bit drivers on the Nvidia website, completing my upgrade process (other than moving data).

  • Bryan - 10 years ago

    People are having problems because of the lack of organization and planning. 1. State where you bought your download. 2. State what you had prior. 3. State what version you upgraded to. Makes a huge difference. Digital River really blew it with this upgrade. They gave you a download link for a .exe file. You (Zao) probably upgraded Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 32 bit. In that case it would be easy since you didn't have to do a clean install. In which case if your PC isn't old (and you have a 64 bit processor which almost all PC's come with) you are missing out on the speed of your 64 bit processor due to a 32 bit OS.

  • Zao - 10 years ago

    really nice and fast.. took me to install 35 min.. and back up files like 15min.. idk why people have so many hours with upgrade when is so easy and simple. maybe they are using old and slow pc..

  • Shark - 10 years ago

    Love my new win 7 ultimate... the installation was easy and love new features..

  • Bryan - 10 years ago

    I too chose to upgrade Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. Unreal migrain headache from 8 hours of pain. Download came as 3 files. Two of which were .box files and the third an exe. After running the exe it gave you a folder of the iso. NOT THE ISO. Upgrading to 64 bit requires a clean install which in itself requires a bootable dvd. To create this you must do alot of work (search google...there is a forum on this). After 15 dvds didn't work (ended up having to burn at 2X to get a readable dvd) the installation finally worked. I wasn't the only one with this problem. Paying $13 extra for them to ship you a copy of the dvd is a must! Other than that...LOVE WINDOWS 7 Pro!

  • Aertski - 10 years ago

    Digital river made upgrading a pain (3). It took them two days to send me my version of home premium and my product key, even though they charged me immediately. Also the exe that digital river uses is ridiculous, we already have a product code, just give us an iso :/

  • Jerry - 10 years ago

    Very easy, if you follow the instructions telling you what to remove first, etc. Otherwise very smooth and easy. Only one program didn't work and that was Bit Defender Total Security 2090 as it was not compatible with 7. I called Bit-Defender and was told to download free copy of 2010 since I had plenty of time left before 09 expired. Uninstalled 09 and installed 2010, and everything working very well!

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