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WordPress Mascots (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,794

  • wallace dell - 12 years ago

    c'mon, you have to go for the anime pic. Replacing the Superman S with a W is too simple.

  • olendariwin - 14 years ago

    The superman picture is great!!!

  • liamidas - 14 years ago

    superman is super cool because its clear to see that wordpress is cool as and lots of boys like it

  • rizal - 14 years ago

    nice i like it

  • Micki - 14 years ago

    Love Anime, plus it took much more thought into this picture than the Superman picture (though not to put anyone down, superman yours was good too)... Yes, I agree. The "W" in the eyes could have been darker... Enough Said.. Great Job !!!

  • wandertales - 14 years ago

    I voted for Anime because it is very subtle and adds sparkle to the figurine's eyes. Yes, Wordpress adds sparkle to our lives, you guys got to agree.

    Also, I wouldn't want 'S'uperman to become 'W'onder 'W'oman. He should keep his 'S'uper power the way it is.

  • danineteen - 14 years ago

    I prefer Batman over Superman, but I'd still choose Superman over anime. I hate anime, ugh.

  • Jenn - 14 years ago

    The girl anime would be much better if only the "W" logo on her eyes were much clearer.

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