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  • Bunk Strutts - 14 years ago

    Any chance of posting all entries? I'd like to see them. Cheers!

  • Ivan - 14 years ago

    I can't believe this 'tangs' got to the final... gimme a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Celebutante - 14 years ago

    The beach is a nice idea, but it's not even the same w. It doesn't have serifs.

  • steff - 14 years ago

    love the beach.. love what they did on the sand.. simply amazing.. ;p

  • Appolinaire - 14 years ago

    I choose beach because it shows the eaziest access on wordpress. It is simple and atractive;

  • Willie Ndegwa - 14 years ago

    I like the beach logo because it's different and unique.Maybe next time Wordpress should organize a features poll where bloggers can vote on what they want.

  • wandertales - 14 years ago

    Pick the beach! Imagine star-struck lovers frolicking on the beach, inscribing their oneness with 'W' for 'we'. So romantic.

  • Micki - 14 years ago

    Wow... That was a hard choice... They both were wondrous in their own way.. You both should be proud...

  • Kajan - 14 years ago

    I did the "balloon"with my fingers, my pencil and my heart. The real title of the drawing is "Window to someWhere". My computer is a kind of window isn't it? (that reminds me something but don't know what...) My soul seems to fly like the balloon in the virtual sky... searching what? Waiting for an answer? Trying to forget loneliness?... What a strange and interesting experience!

  • Pam - 14 years ago

    no more writing in the sand please!
    Have a nice day

  • anup - 14 years ago

    Beach is good design, i like that.

  • tatang m. amirin - 14 years ago

    Nice beach - its horizon symbolizing anybody "in the sky" and "in ground" meet "through the word building the world."

  • max shapiro - 14 years ago

    Beach- Overused, some may say even trite
    Balloon - Exceptional and extraordinary

  • R.Swaminathan. - 14 years ago

    The Wordpress has been Land marked on a beautiful sea-shore.Very Nice!

  • Xenitro - 14 years ago

    Thanks for the comments everyone , much appreciated !

  • BJH - 14 years ago

    Best sky blue! Beautiful. The contrast between the fragile and impermanent sand logo and the blue sky is awesome.

  • rafa - 14 years ago

    cool !

  • troy - 14 years ago

    My favorite of them all :)

  • Jenn - 14 years ago

    Balloon! Simple yet the WP logo stands out!

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