Will you consider using the blogazine technique in your next blog post?

  • Thor Lising - 8 years ago

    @Reply to Mark

    Now that we have the so-called "Responsive" web designing, viewing those blogazines that follow responsive technique is easy on small or different sizes of screens. Being able to adjust with any type of screen is one of the feature of Responsive web designing.

  • Prodac - 10 years ago

    The experience I got from viewing this on my iPad was even better than on the computeer screen. I will definitively re think how will go about to design my next blog and portfolio, specially when it come to designing case studies.

  • Mark - 10 years ago

    One disadvantage: such blogs don't display well on small screen devices like my iPod. What I could see was excellent but maybe there is a way for the layouts to scale better.

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