How Long Do You Think It Will Take Beyonce to Get Knocked Up???


  • Never Take S!des - 14 years ago

    The way she be shaken that puss, aint no baby gonna be able to develope cuz she keep droppen her ovaries on the floor that why she be saying uh ohh uh oh uh oh a oh. lol

  • krs - 14 years ago

    Are you kidding, She will never have Jay Z baby, the relationship is a career stunt by her, she will leave before she have a baby turtle !!

  • James - 14 years ago

    You all created the wrong answers. A. 0-3 yrs; B. 4-6yrs C. 7-9yrs D. 10+

  • Aliese - 14 years ago

    1. their baby gon look ugly as hell cuz jay z look like a monkey
    2. if the rumors about her not having any babies till she gets an oscar are true, she aint NEVER gon have any babies cuz SHE CANNOT ACT!! if it were a life or death situation and her families life depended on how well she acted..../ THEY WOULD ALL B DEAD!!
    ppl think just cuz she has a pretty face nd she can sing she can do it all.../ if yu think that yu could never be more WORNG!! she is not a tripple threat cuz she cant dance all that well nd we ALL KNO ( whether yu want to admit it or not) she CANT ACT.../ nd on top of that she dnt even write ha own SHIT!!

    it may seem like it, but no I am not hatin.../ i think she sings GREAT nd that she is a beutiful person ( on tha outside) but when yu dnt have talent yu just dnt have it.../
    i guess jay z gon have to find someone else to knock up cuz i dnt think she will be getting an oscar any time soon let alone 5 years

  • stacey - 14 years ago

    That chick is crazy she better hurry up and have some kids before that nicca meet somebody else and they have one for him. That's probably what she needs, somebody to come around and stir up some trouble for her ass then maybe she'll come home off that tour and stay her ass home. There's nothing special about her, she better get it together shit somebody cheated on Halle Berry ass u better get to pop out some babies and quick

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