What Do You Use Wave For?

  • Michael - 13 years ago

    Like Kevin and James, I submitted other with all of the above and more... and yes, the overwhelming sentiment is right: wave would be a whole lot better if more people were on it. Then again, just opening it to anyone right away might lead to a slew of users who sign in once and then never again, a scenario that might be avoided if access is limited to those who are really interested in it for now...

  • James - 13 years ago

    Wave I think will become much more useful when it is out of the invite stage, just as gmail took a while to catch on with the hole invite deal but now it is a serious competitor to homtail, if not more prominently used.

    It is kind of a pain to not have everyone you want on Wave but given what I have used of it, it definitely shows incredible potential and using it with the 10 or so people that also have it online is incredibly helpful for group projects and just nice for chatting as well.

  • Paparazzi - 13 years ago

    I've voted at "Staring Blankly ..."
    and yeah, its so true ... what the *hit does one do if they have no one to use it with? I've been waiting like days hoping to find a way to invite someone and ... nothing!

    On the same note ... can someone tell me where these invites pop up???

  • JamesR404 - 13 years ago

    @Kevin I agree with you, I submitted Other with an array of answers :)

  • Kevin - 13 years ago

    Having a radio button allowing only one choice doesn't really fit this type of survey.

    So far I have used Wave for brainstorming, chat alternative, and document versioning. Is it useful, absolutely. Will it overtake chat and/or email, probably not.

  • Thomas Costick - 13 years ago

    Asking what Wave is for is a bit like asking what the Internet is for. Or perhaps what computers are for. Or what is sand for. Or wood. Wave is an enabling technology. That's all. It's up to the developer community to make it useful.

    I agree that Wave has been seriously over-hyped, but this kind of poll is pretty meaningless.

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