How Has Your Windows 7 Install Been Going?

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  • jigolo - 10 years ago

    However I installed XP Pro 32, added just the Networking drivers, and then ran the 7 install from inside XP and from there it went just fine.

  • ankara koltuk yıkama - 10 years ago

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  • ankara halı yıkama - 10 years ago

    could never get the download from Digital River to work, ended up getting a refund.

  • TurboFool - 10 years ago

    Had only flawless installs since the pre-beta on every machine I've tested it on.

  • Caper42 - 10 years ago

    Installed Enterprise 32 on a Lenovo SFF Desktop
    Direct boot-from-CD install would Blue Screen
    However I installed XP Pro 32, added just the Networking drivers, and then ran the 7 install from inside XP and from there it went just fine.

  • SouthPaw - 10 years ago

    I have done 63 upgrades only the Student promo upgrade has failed honorably.

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    I downloaded the exe from the student upgrade - followed instructions from lifehacker/gizmodo to create a CD.. backed up my files onto an external drive through copy & paste, rebooted, formatted - then got stuck with the files could not be found error... read comments from searching on google, and post on lifehacker/gizmodo comments, re-created CD on low speed, rebooted, installed, copied & pasted from external drive back to HD, formatted my fedora partition, installed all of my apps, updated windows, and unplugged the PC and moved it back home... where I have no internet! >.

  • Erv Server - 10 years ago

    could never get the download from Digital River to work, ended up getting a refund.

  • Dan - 10 years ago

    Install went absolutely perfectly. Formatted my old partition after backing up stuff, then installed on a Toshiba A300 laptop. Only device that it doesn't seem to like is my card reader, not that I use it often.

    Windows 7 itself on the other hand appears to still be a steaming turd pile. Better than Vista, altho that's not exactly much of a compliment. People claim it to be simple, which basically means you've gotta read a buckload and go through easily 3-4 seperate screens to get anything done. Think the same lines as waiting for options on an automated telephone system. Also having problems with playing video across the network without it stuttering, especially when doing other network stuff. Finally, it appears to complain a lot about already existing shortcut keys. Take for instance alt-d whilst using firefox. It works when it feels like it, and gives the standard ding error the rest of the time (and it's not because of focus on some flash video or the like). I doubt this installation will last very long for me.

  • Cheddar - 10 years ago

    Aside from the upgrade writing to the mbr and making my grub menu dusapeer it was very smooth. I had to boot on a live cd to run the commands to get it back. Nothing your typical linux user can't handle.

  • Mag44Laf - 10 years ago

    Upgraded 64 bit vista home premium Saturday, just had to bring AVG up a notch to have everything working perfectly.

  • David - 10 years ago

    18% are saying "bad" or "can't get it to work." Hmmm....what's 18% of a scrillion installs? After spending hours to prep, following the upgrade advisor to a T, upgrade from vista failed repeatedly with no helpful error message. Had to buy full and do a clean install. Awesome.

  • Andrew Schnable - 10 years ago

    So far, installed on Acer Aspire 1 netbook, compaq laptop, and quad core desktop. All went fine. In all cases, these were "custom" installs (ie, to an empty partition).

    only driver problem so far was with HP's C7280 all-in-one installer (anyone surprised there?) Got that working finally after a post to the HP forum...

  • JJ H - 10 years ago

    I've done 3 installs so far, all without a hitch. One x86 off USB to an older toshiba laptop, the others (x64 Ultimate) off of DVD.

    Only frustration so far has been slow HP support for 7 (and the fact that they only offer their bloated bundle, and not individual drivers for AIOs)

  • Lou Zucaro - 10 years ago

    So far have done one upgrade over Vista (32) and one clean install. Both went smoothly. Windows 7 is great!

  • Julio - 10 years ago

    I am having a problem downloading the student edition. It was downloading fine yesterday afternoon and then when it hit 68%, it has been stuck there and downloads very very slowly or not at all. Most everyone who is experiencing this has Qwest service, including myself, yet neither Qwest, Microsoft, or Digital River take the blame and tell everyone to call one of the other companies. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Jared - 10 years ago

    I have it on two desktops and on a Mini 311 with no issues whatsoever.

  • DeadPlasmaCell - 10 years ago

    I've been running the RC for months now and the installations were a breeze. I recently installed it via USB Flash drive on my Acer Netbook and that went perfect. I'm very pleased with Windows 7 so far, no issues at all.

  • Kevo - 10 years ago

    Installed it using bootcamp on my 15' Macbook pro.... No problems at all.

  • Matthew - 10 years ago

    Clean install with a free copy courtesy of MSDNAA worked perfectly.

  • David M - 10 years ago

    I installed clean to a MSI Wind Netbook and an HP TX1320us Tablet this weekend without issue.

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