Caught on the horns of a d------


  • Catherine Friedman - 11 years ago

    This is an old blog and it cracks me up that we can actually have such quick and ongoing global responses to our questions! My husband told me he had picked up a video called "The Dilemma" and somehow we started discussing the spelling. He thought it was dilemna and I told him I had always spelled it with an "n" till I was corrected by a professor. He insisted it was spelled with an "n" and I said I'd google it. Well, look at this! Wish I'd had internet access when I was in school!!

  • bette thomas - 11 years ago

    Egads! Where did this spelling of "dilemma" morph into "dilemna?" I grew up in a small town outside KCMO & have always spelled the word w/two "mm's." I suppose I must thank my teachers & the fact that I was a voracious reader. Yes, I was an English major & then a HS English teacher. I've never, ever "heard" of so many who use the "mn" spelling. In fact I never knew this was an issue at all. Quick, bring me the smelling salts before I faint! And, should it matter, I was schooled in the 50s/60s.

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