After two more controversial calls in Game 2, should MLB expand its use of instant replay?


  • paul maltzer - 14 years ago

    biggest problem with instant replay is that it would prevent mlb from slanting the playing field to try to make sure that the big market teams get into the playoffs; anyone who has watched enough yankee and/or dodger games with an open mind must know that the law of averages would not give them two or three extra runs in so many games; the standard for umpires in yankee and dodger games is called plausible deniability

  • William McGuire - 14 years ago

    What baseball really needs is younger blood in their umpiring and guys in shape. These guys have been around way too long and they are all over 250lbs. They can't even move.

  • javier garcia - 14 years ago

    instant replay should definitely be used in the playoffs. Not on safe or out calls but on controversial plays. to much is riding on these games , a bad call could change a series around dramatically.

  • sbagarello - 14 years ago

    the worst call was the non catch by howard

  • Chris - 14 years ago

    God yes we need instant replays. Not for every situation like balls and strikes, but for something as simple as going back to see if he caught the ball in the air or if he was actually thrown out is definitely necessary. If an error was made in this situation it can easily be overturned without any effect to the game. They would immediately say "no he is actually safe" and the game would continue as if nothing ever happened. Errors like this can drastically change the outcome of the game and that is completely not right.

  • CB - 14 years ago

    Hell yes...the whole playoffs were "rigged" to get the Yankees into the World Series. So says Golf Junkys DOT com.

  • Ricardo Cabeza - 14 years ago

    NO, NEVER! Human error is what makes baseball great-on every level.

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