Do you believe in ghosts?


  • A. Smith - 14 years ago

    Greetings Larry King, I loved your Halloween Special!

    Thank you Larry for being so fair and open minded in regards to spiritual beliefs.

    In America where we have Christians on one side trying to remove Halloween, and the medieval religion of Islam which would very likely abuse any follower that took part in the wonderful magic of Halloween, its entirely refreshing to view and hear from someone like yourself that is distinguished enough to stand on your own rights and provide quality guests which are fair and open minded on this interesting topic.

    Thanks Larry,

    A. Smith

  • Jack - 14 years ago

    It's great we can all express our opinions, but for the disbelievers out there: Doesn't it make you wonder how so many (84%) could be "crazy" by believing ?

  • NetsOne - 14 years ago

    come on there are no ghost look at the people who think they are real... mentaly ill !

  • Carla - 14 years ago

    we built our new home and about 1 year after we moved in i was nursing our 3rd child during the early hours of the morning, my husband was out of town and there at the end of my bed stood a tall older man in a long coat and hat. i was not scared altho i didn't recognize him. i remember looking at him, closing my eyes and looking again as he faded away. ironically i felt at peace. when my husband returned i told him of my experience and said now i know why people swear they've seen a ghost. he thougth i was just tired or still half asleep. about 6 or so years later, after having moved to a different community i was chatting with my previous neighbor who was telling me a story of the new owners of our home and their neices experience. the new owners of our home did not have any children but had their 16 year old neice and a friend stay over and the two girls both saw a man coming up the stairs. unlike me they were very afraid, and immediately told her aunt and uncle who flippantly said "ya i know, our house is haunted" they also had experienced doors closing and things like that.

  • james - 14 years ago

    some people say if you are a priest you can see ghosts so many people tell me that

  • james - 14 years ago

    i believe in ghosts. i saw it before but when u see a ghosts u dont hv to turn back if u turn back ur neck gonna be .... believe me i saw 2 ghosts already in haiti

  • the REv. John Price - 14 years ago

    As a priest, I've helped many people put the ghosts/spirits of dead people to rest, or at least to quit bothering them.

  • Marene - 14 years ago

    Loved the show should really do more. Sad - so many people "don't believe".........and don't WANT to understand. My mother came to see not only ME - but my father (they were divorced), my sister, my roomate, and my boyfriend (whom my Mother did NOT like). We all shared our stories.......quite interesting. That was 40 years ago. To this day - several relatives - that have passed.........visit (check on me often). And I believe a few of my dogs do too!!!!

  • Brigitte Johnson - 14 years ago

    Before my father passed, he promised he would let us all know he was still with us. shortly after he passed, at night, after all where in bed, i would see a shadow going back and forth upstairs. Then I's my dad.....So, I said in my mind to the shadow...If that's you dad prove it. The shadow got braver and was in the middle of the stairs. So, I closed my eyes, had an amazing calming come over me. Suddenly, my ponytail lifted up. It was so amazing. I had chills and started to cry...
    So, I do believe in Spirits and ghosts. I feel blessed. Thank you for letting me share. P.S. Your loved ones will come that have passed. You have to believe. For those who don't, your missing out ^j^

  • MikeV - 14 years ago

    Ghosts Larry? You call this journalism? You've sunk to a new low in my opinion.

  • ellen - 14 years ago

    Wake up people we are in 21 century. grow up!. I believe the following do not exist:

    God( human being bigest invention so far)

  • B Miller - 14 years ago

    i believe in mother visited me at a time when I really needed her. She said to me, "you will be alright"....i can still see her, what she had on and how she looked. I also have seen ghosts in Mexico at a villa where I stayed many times.

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