A Mandatory Vaccination Program in Canada would be...

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  • Bob martin - 9 years ago

    Please read ramgbs.com and then Vote All Canada Should VOTE for this it is for your PROTECTION Bob Martin Guillain Barre Survivor PLEASE pass on to all you can Bob

  • Joseph - 10 years ago

    If they dare try this I will send my chidren out of the country.
    God has given us a choice to follow hin or not
    Yet gouvernments want to take our freedom to choice away
    See something wrong with this picture
    Live free or die

  • Terry Mooney - 11 years ago

    After receiving the initial H1N1 flu shot in October,2009, my wife and I went in for the regular flu shot 2 weeks later. In error, the nurse injected me with a second dose of the H1N1 vaccine (yes, this is the squaline adjuvenated vaccine ) and I contracted sensory Polyneuropathy six weeks later. The full story can be seen on my previous entries to this blog. I have been afflicted since, and continue to suffer from the effects to this date. I subscribe to the CIDP blog, but after my diagnosis 10 months following the event, CIDP was not indicated, but a similar and equally debilitating condition called Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy was diagnosed. The CIDP people have done great service in educating the public on the dangers of H1N1 involvement. I work in the Health Services field and would, in any other country excepting Canada and Russia, have had access to compensation. The Monk Institute of Ottawa, had been doing some lobbying to have this rectified in Canada, but I have heard nothing by way of an update. I would grately appreciate hearing from anyone on this situation.

  • lou - 12 years ago

    "Vaccination" is a lot worse than you can ever imagine. It will take but a few hours to understand the "seasonal Flu" issue. If you take this time you will realize.

    The "seasonal flu virus" is one of the fastest changing viruses. Your body will often transform the strain you receive into an new strain when you pass it on. If a "vaccine" worked on the strain you received it will probably NOT work on the strain you pass on.

    86% of the time you get "The Flu" during "Flu Season" it is not "The Seasonal Flu" but some other virus. Even if a "Flu Vaccination" protected you from the Influenza A or B viruses, which it does NOT, it will NOT protect you from 86% of the other viruses causing 86% of your "Flu" problems.

    All that is required to prevent most seasonal flu and other types of flu is sunshine and VITAMIN D3. The CDC KNOWS this.

    Many clinical trials have demonstrated conclusively that the "Seasonal Flu Vaccine" does not prevent or mitigate the Seasonal Flu.

    Canada has achieved FAR better seasonal flu results with their pediatric population per capita than the USA with FAR LESS "vaccinations".

    If our "flu vaccination" is NOT preventing the flu WHAT is it doing and WHY is the CDC spending over one billion a year to shove it down our throats? Ya got to think about this folks!

    Pandemic and the 2010 Seasonal Flu "Vaccines" created since 9/11 have not been tested enough to receive a regular vaccine registration from the FDA. These "vaccines" jammed into us have been registered on an emergency "as is" basis with absolutely no warrantees or liabilities. You die or are seriously injured and it is entirely your liability

    Baxter Labs patented their "H1N1 vaccine" on 28 Aug 2007 almost two years before they released live H5N1 virus in their "seasonal flu vaccine" and when that plot failed we got the H1N1 outbreak in Mexico City. Baxter Labs is currently manufacturing an injectible "swine flu vaccine" (seasonal flu vaccine) and a "live attenuated nasal swine flu vaccine".

    Mycoplasma and other AIDS components COULD easily be contained in a "Seasonal Flu Vaccine". Are they? Please assess this yourself.

    ANY disease that has been weaponized, over 370 in the USSA have, COULD easily be contained in a "Seasonal Flu Vaccine". Are they? Please assess this yourself.


  • Vicky - 12 years ago

    I believe it should be the choice of the individual. I wouldn't tell anyone to not get the vaccine, but neither do I want it forced upon me. Now I'm being told that if I don't get the vaccine, I will be unable to claim for sick pay. While I feel that this new policy is unfair, I will not be forced into doing something which, I feel for me, is wrong.

  • ann - 13 years ago

    Since I got the h1n1 shot my health has paid the price every since. I was in excellent health there were no problems until December 2009. This last year has been the worst I have ever had. I have two small children and I have a hard time going outside to play with them, I have problems with breathing, my eyesight has started to give me some problems, I now need reading glasses to read everything. I am suffering with migraines , I am always sick I am at the point that I can work maybe three days a week with no time off, and before this I held a job for seven years with not even a sick day. The doctors can't even tell me why this is happening, when I tell them it all started after I got the h1n1 shot they tell me that is the first time I heard of that, go figure and their the professionals. I think that the government should not make anything mandatory without taking themselves. They should let us tell them what we think.

  • Andy - 13 years ago

    Mandatory vaccine programs are a violation of the Nuremberg Code in that they force individuals to have medical treatment against their will, or to participate in the functional equivalent of a vast experiment without fully informed consent.

  • Janet Desroches - 13 years ago

    The University of Calgary did a study showing those who were vaccinated had a 65% higher
    risk of getting the flu. The CDC and WHO are involved with big pharma. They induced our
    governments to spend millions of our dollars on this scam. Now they can get their own
    people to vote in this poll if they think it will be to their advantage.

    Let's let our health ministers, doctors, alternate media, and members of parliament
    hear from us on this important issue.

  • Jim Davis - 13 years ago

    Being used for drug testing in Canada is not new, I was injected with drugs in the early 70's at age 15 along with others. Although many of us have tried law suits all have failed. The latest was the denial by the courts to allow a class action law suit, now we have gone to a Multi Plaintiff action with the courts permission. That was over two years ago and still no news. I have suffered tremendously from the injections. There are cases going back into the sixties in which prisoners were subjected to drugs by the Canadian government and the CIA, you can read about these in old Ottawa Citizen News paper articles. This injection garbage isn't new, only to those who never listened 40 and 50 years ago, I have no doubt it is still going on, and not just in made up flu - vaccines. There is a website that documents a lot of this stuff, I just can't find the URL right now.

  • Dan - 14 years ago

    I can tell you one thing with certainty people.Before those evil bastards stick me or any of my family with their mercury addled death in a syringe,there will be an armed standoff and you`ll probably read about me in the coming months.It will not happen.They`ll have to martyr me first.

  • Bea - 14 years ago

    Unless it's the same one from a few days ago?

  • Bea - 14 years ago

    this is rigged---it says it already counted my vote---but I haven't voted in it...put me down for unacceptable!!!

  • Frank - 14 years ago


    We are being poisoned by our governments and unseen entities through tap water, food, vaccinations, biological weapons and chem-trials.

    Watch this documentary to learn the facts, evidence, visual documentation and PROOF that it is real and it is happening. This video even explains why they are doing it and exposes who is doing it. Please spread the word to all Canadians!



  • Jen Lewis - 14 years ago


  • Jen Lewis - 14 years ago

    Well said B. Poulin !! I believe that we should all have the right to choose whether we wish to receive the vaccine. I have done a great amount of research on it and have decided that I will not get it, nor will my children. BILL C6 will give Health Canada and the RCMP the ability to break into my home and force vaccination upon us by saying we have committed an offense by going against the governments ruling of mandatory vaccination. What the heck??? People need to wake up, this vaccine hasn't even been properly tested and the fact that the manufacturers of it have been given full immunity for being sued should be enough to get peoples eyes open!!! Hell...people spend more time researching a cars warranty than they do this vaccine that doesn't come with a warranty! DON'T GET THE VACCINE PEOPLE!!!! STAND UP AGAINST BILL C6, IT GOES AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, AND TAKES AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS TO CHOOSE! MORE PEOPLE DIE FROM THE REGULAR SEASONAL FLU THAN THIS H1N1, THE STATISTICS HAVE PROVEN THAT...YET THE SEASONAL FLU HAD NEVER BEEN CONSIDERED A PANDEMIC....WHY?

  • Bonita Poulin - 14 years ago

    Losing our basic human rights is never acceptable! Bill C-6 is overkill. The only ones it serves are the large corporations while it hurts all Canadians. It is deplorable that Health Canada is using the guise of consummer protection to pass this bill! They could have better consummer protection by just tweaking our existing laws instead of forcing this crap down our hroats!

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