Pastors and members, when you joined C.O.G.I.C., were you told ownership of your church would transfer to the National Church?

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  • Tracee Adams - 8 years ago

    To the extend that any denomination would acquire ownership of any true property, is only if that denomination has contributed to and maintained said property with funds. Real Estate Property is owned by the buyer and name on record of dead. Who pays the cost of transfer of ownership, record of deed, and all ongoing taxes. is the owner in the court of law. I wonder if at death of the present pastor and there is left loads of unpaid real estate taxes and delinquent mortgage payments. Would the grand old church step up and bring all things well of that said propert at the loss of the current pastor? just saying. Get your paperwork in order now! Protect yourself and the sheep of your overseeing with a CHurch succession Plan funded with Life Insurance! Call me!

  • Life Matters Ministries - 8 years ago

    How do one really know if they are protected according to your survey if one is not aware of what an organization bylaws, charter or resolution states. If any board meeting has adopted changes and you are not aware of this information, ARE YOU Protected? Do you legally know your Church positon and obligations with this Organization you associated with?

  • Rkneej - 10 years ago

    When you submit to any denomination with a Centralized government the property acquired while in that denomination is to be purchased, and held in trust for that denomination. Obedience to leadership is a cornerstone of Christianity.

    Detractor have to make straw men arguments.

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