Who would win in a fight: TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop? (Poll Closed)

  • TweetDeck
    3,297 votes

  • Seesmic Desktop
    1,057 votes

  • TIE: It's just too close to call.
    260 votes


Posted 9 years.

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  • Rudy Sims - 9 years ago

    I think TweetDeck is more well known at the moment I use TweetDeck periodically and have not tried Seesmic Desktop yet. But this result is surprising because I've heard very good things about Seesmic Desktop in the past. I have to say I primarily use a Firefox extension called power twitter with twitter's actual website I like using the website directly the best. I use power twitter because it makes it easy to RT from twitter's website. But apparently twitters working on adding a native RT function so I might not need the Firefox extension soon

    Thanks for reading my comment have a wonderful day everyone.

    Rudy Sims

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