Will the Yankees repeat their World Championship in 2010?


  • The Most Steroidal Team in Baseball - 13 years ago

    Paul, you nitwit...its tradition. Too late to change it now. Also Canada and the USA ARE two separate countries. I know Canada is practically the 51st state, but in reality it is not. Players also come from countries all over the world.

    The Yankees need to pick up Roy Halladay, Joe Mauer, Felix Hernandez, Matt Holliday, Manny Rameriz, Cliff Lee, Chase Utley and Andruw Jones. Lets push this payroll to $1 Billion. Its the only way they repeat.

  • Reynold Bryan - 13 years ago

    The Yankees need to take a really hard look at Joba, Phillip Hughes, Bob Bruney and Phillip Coke as relievers. It would make sense to think about acquiring Halladay and need help in both the outfield corners and the pitching relief core. You have to give Matsui a one year deal as a DH just for his World Series performance alone. We all love Mariano Rivera but we have to really think about Mariano's inevitable replacement. I have to admit that I was not convinced that this team could win the World Series and maybe that is because I did not see them enought throughout the year. The major statistic that I kept looking at night after night was RISP and opportunities missed. I honestly do not believe they can repeat with this year's formula.

  • lifer - 13 years ago

    the yankees spend money every year. they haven't won in 8 years. So that tells you it's not about $$. It's about chemistry, desire, leadership, talent, discipline. The Yankees have class that no other team in sports can match.

  • Paul S. Ewasko - 13 years ago

    Go Yankees!
    However, I have a question: Why is it called the "World Series" when the teams that compete from year to year call their home America?
    If other countries' teams participated, then calling it the "World Series" would be legitimate. Realistically, it is the "American Baseball Championship Series".
    Your thoughts?

  • dfdf - 13 years ago

    Glad the Yankees could buy a win!!! Proves money is the root to all evil!

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