Do you think Rihanna threw Chris Brown under the bus?

  • allure - 9 years ago


  • Mambo Allieh - 11 years ago

    First be honnest and God is watching. Admit that you are a Chris Brown fan.As a woman myself who had gone through domestic violence, i will say that rihanna has done nothing wrong. Why? Do u remember the first time Chris went jetsking? Yea bcos Rih was back. You have no idea of what she went through to be brutally beaten and betrayed by the one she loved. All these while Rih has been trying to move on with her life.The last time we heard from her was the incident and so before she could promote her album she needed to clear everyone on what happened. Why did Chris not do it too?When he says that he is sorry for what he did without telling the specifics how do we know what he did to be able to forgive him? And if he wants others to learn from his mistake why not be honnest and own up to your actions. We can never change what we don't acknowledged. Personnly it would ve been bad for Rihanna to be talking about her promotion without talking about the incident. And as a celebrity(she is not the first to have come up like that) saying no to an abuser and being so brave as giving the details help most of us to see that celebrity or not we are all humans . I am truely touched by her what she did. Whether is for publicity or not we needed to hear her side of the story. Stop hatin on her . I don't think you or Chris know the gravity of abuse. Take some lessons and be humain next time. stop selling craps to people all in the name of enriching yourself. As a victim myself it hurts, it hurts so badly all she was doing was taking it slowing to face the public humiliation giving to her by her Bf whom she loved so unconditionally that she even went back. What else do u want from her? Hey do not buy her album and see how she will top charts,,,,,,,

  • -cbzangel_ - 11 years ago

    WOTY??? I've followed Rihanna's career (unavoidable personal life inclusive), since she became a point of interest with her song "Umbrella". I didn't find that song one of her best, as I had other preferences, but let's face it, it's the one that brought her unlimited notoriety (imagine how much fame.)...Now looking @her "domestic violence" occurrence; I can only go by what she says, coupled with Chris Brown's over zealous, ill advised guilty plea (very untypical of abusers behavior.) Having not seen any other evidence (due to lack of,) or pictures of Chris, the picture of her battered face WAS NOT shocking to me, but typical of wounds suffered during an altercation. This may sound cold & heartless to some, but "real" victims of DV know what it is & I was a victim... As a victim, I looked for ANYONE with strength and/or power, to lend me some courage & support or pave the way by example, of getting out of my situation. Believe it or not, "real" victims need all of this & then some bcuz for most part, our abusers have stripped us of our self esteem, removed us fm any family of friends that might help, deprived us whatever tools we need to stand up & get out!... As I look at Rihanna, I can't help but see a person with unlimited resources to make this happen & to seek professional help for her past and/or current experiences w/DV. Additionally, she portrays a model of strength & having read an interview by her own admission, she hit her younger brother with a broken glass bottle in a fight they were having. Unfortunately, for w/e reason, she chose to remain or go back with Chris. This sign of weakness is seen as unacceptable even though she is human. Our society looks at celebrities as being inhuman immortals...Another unfortunate thing, is by her finally speaking out about what happened Feb 8th, doesn't make her a "true" role model to us "real" DV victims. WHAT ABOUT THE YOUNG VICTIMS WHO FOLLOWED HER EXAMPLE AS A "ROLE MODEL" FOR NINE MONTHS & RETURNED OR STAYED WITH THEIR ABUSERS, WHO COULD HAVE BEEN BEATEN AND/OR KILLED BECUZ OF THAT?...

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