Who would win in a fight: Microsoft Office or Google Docs? (Poll Closed)

  • Microsoft Office
    1,365 votes

  • Google Docs
    995 votes

  • Tie: They're Both Good
    315 votes



  • Paulo Eduardo - 10 years ago

    In a nutshell, All Microsoft products are the best starting from the ability to open many more email addresses than Google with its poor gmail.com, googlemail.com and the annoying feature of having to have a huge nick of more than 6 letters/numbers for you to enjoy their services. Hey guys from Google, it is high time you grew up and provided more choices!

  • Larry Lyon - 10 years ago

    "DISRUPTION" Microsoft Office has more features and functionality today than Google Doc's and the rest of the Google office style applications. This is a classic case of what Clayton Christensen refers to as "DISRUPTION".

    The initial Japanese cars were not as good as cars made by GM. Transister's couldn't handle high voltages in the mid 1950's and tube type radio's and TV's made by companies like RCA and SYLVANIA were much better.

    GM is bankrupt and you find RCA and SYLVANIA products in the "99 cent store". The same will be true about the battle between Microsoft Office and Google Doc's.

  • JJ1 - 10 years ago

    At this moment the pro arguments for both are very different, buts thats about to change.

    Pro Google Docs:
    Just making content text together. Working together, sharing, reading by many, editing by many at the same time while talking on the phone. No hassle in merging versions from all contributors.
    Sending by email doesn't come close to the way Google does it.
    And the fact that one has all its documents on every place where you can find a computer with internet.
    This is really new functionality which Office users cannot possibly understand without using it together with al lot of other co-workers or being at different locations. Even the pc of your grandma can be used to work on your documents. Without carrying them around. Just login and use your docs.

    Pro Office: Making real documents, with a proper layout and many wordprocessor features which Google Docs doesn't come close to.

    Up till now Zoho was a good competitor for both, but it never came to a great lot of users.

    In the coming months, expectations are that
    Office 2010 will come closer to Google Docs functionality, using Office Space.
    Google Docs will come closer to Office by being much more compatible and having more functionality which cannot be missed by serious word-processors

    Its a nice competition which give all users a lot of new functionality. Which is a good thing. Thats how markets work.
    Microsoft was fallen asleep while getting rich by selling Office. Google is very good at making *real* inventions. Microsoft wil play their part in spreading the good ideas.
    Let the best win.....

  • Rleonard - 10 years ago

    Not even close - Google Doc's is not even in the same league with MS Office. As a stand-alone product the office ribbon interface makes it so easy for the average user to create and edit docs that look professional grade. If you're company has SharePoint & Office......fagettaboutit google. Nobody makes intuitive collaboration easier than Microsoft. I can't wait for the 2010 version to come out.

  • HLS - 10 years ago

    for making anything more serious than a simple list, google docs fails miserably. i tried collaborating on an excel file using google docs and i wanted to gouge my eye out.

  • Isoled - 10 years ago

    irrelevant fight, i bet 99% of MS Office world users not using google docs.

  • Mr.D - 10 years ago

    Google Docs is ok if you want to impress users with eye-candy features that will never be used, i.e., if you are not working on serious stuff - if you have to engage on professional activities or serious academic work, using with Google Docs simply doesn't work ... they lack so many features that it is simply senseless.. besides, you have to be connected all the time ... sorry, Google Docs still have a long way to go to try to compete with Microsoft Office.

  • RachelAC - 10 years ago

    I agree with other commenters. There is no comparison. Microsoft office has real functionality. I use Google Docs for personal stuff and convenient doc storage, but it doesn't even come close to Office.

  • TenorGuy - 10 years ago

    As annoying as the Ribbon interface may be to some, Office out-features Google Docs.

  • Mark Sawyer - 10 years ago

    I will preface my comment with the statement that I am a user of Google docs.

    Microsoft's Wordpad has more functionality than Google docs.

    Google docs is adequate for casual use and for creation of simple documents but it is definitely not suitable for serious word processing.

    A more apt comparison would be to compare Microsoft Word to OpenOffice Writer. This poll is meaningless.

  • Nicole Krug - 10 years ago

    I love the collaboration and portability of Google Docs, but it just doesn't have all of the functionality Microsoft offers. They're great for different purposes, but if I had to choose one, Microsoft would have the slight edge.

  • Rachael Kvapil - 10 years ago

    The biggest tie breaker is that Google Doc only allows your word documents to be 516K. That doesn't work when you're a novelist.

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